Your Virginia Governor, the Virginia House of Delegates, and 8 Virginia Senators think you’re an Idiot!

An excellent article appeared to today in explaining what happened in Virginia over the weekend.   Read the whole article, it’s well worth it.

Redstate noted all the praise that our Governor is receiving, from democrats.

“Bob McDonnell was getting all kinds of praise on the Sunday shows for his big transportation tax hike, which passed the Virginia legislature this week. He was getting praise from big government liberals like Tim Kaine and Terry McAuliffe and Martin O’Malley for his evenhandedness, his leadership, not like those troublesome conservatives in Washington who refuse to wheel and deal.

That should tell you all you need to know about the transportation tax hike McDonnell pushed through. But it’s a whole lot worse than that when you look at what really went down……

“he’s entering the final year of his governorship looking for something for his “legacy”, and he decided to make it all about transportation funding. The big McDonnell backers – corporations and developers – want more funding for road building and infrastructure, and since Virginia has been insulated from the economic downturn thanks largely to spending by the federal government (hence his outrage over the sequestration and what it might do to Virginia — he has no interest in cutting the size of government dollars which go to his state), they saw an opportunity to get funding from a big tax increase. (See this Wall Street Journal editorial for more.

The initial McDonnell package amounted to a $2.4 billion tax increase over five years. By the time the Virginia legislature was done with it, it had exploded into a $6.1 billion increase. These tax hikes include:

  • Sales tax hike from 5 to 5.3 percent
  • Additional sales tax hike of .7 percent in Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia
  • Personal property tax hike from 3.5 percent to 4.3 percent
  • Tangible personal property tax hike to 5 percent
  • 3 percent Northern Virginia hotel tax
  • Diesel tax hike from 17.5 cents per gallon to 6 percent tax on wholesale diesel, roughly a 5 cent per gallon increase
  • Car tax hike from 3 percent to 4 percent in 2013, 4.1 percent in 2014, 4.2 percent in 2015, and 4.3 percent in 2016 (Remember when Republicans got elected in Virginia by saying we should get rid of the car tax? Good times.)”

No wonder the Governor was ecstatic after the vote, he got three times what he had asked for!  Our House of Delegates and those 8 Senators think we’re just that stupid, we’ll never notice these               $6 BILLION in tax increases.  Nor will we notice the BILLIONS more that we will have to pay for the expansion of medicaid.

More from RedState,

“But it gets worse. Because McDonnell was so desperate for this gigantic tax hike, he was willing to wheel and deal on Obamacare, too.

Senate Democrats in Virginia sensed that McDonnell was desperate. He needed their votes to pass his proposal since enough Republicans refused to go along with him. So they demanded more from McDonnell. They insisted they’d only vote for the tax hike if they got to expand Medicaid under Obamacare, something McDonnell had just days earlier swore he would not do.”

“In other words, Bob McDonnell was so desperate to raise taxes, he was willing to sell out on Obamacare, too. He was willing to sell out his party, his base, and his principles. And he did it with a smile.

The plan all along was to tax people more. The Medicaid expansion will do that too, adding in huge tax increases in future years when federal funding drops. And McDonnell got what he want. He passed his tax hike with a higher percentage of Democrats in the General Assembly voted for it than Republicans. He passed it despite the opposition of every Republican running statewide this year, including Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.”

So much for McDonnell’s word.  So much for him claiming to be a conservative.  Does he even realize that he has just driven a stake through the heart of his political future?  Or is he so out of touch with the voters that he thinks he might still run for Senate, or worse, President?  Does he not realize how furious republicans are across the state?  Or is he foolish enough to think that democrats will vote for him and he can afford to throw away the republican vote?  Whatever his thought process, it’s delusional if he think that he can ever run again as a republican.

This whole package of tax increases wasn’t even posted online for voters to read before the vote.  Gee, I wonder why not?  Why bother “the little people, the stupid little people” with such details.  Right?  We’re just too stupid to get it.  That’s what they think of us.  We know better, and soon they will too.


15 thoughts on “Your Virginia Governor, the Virginia House of Delegates, and 8 Virginia Senators think you’re an Idiot!

  1. If Erick Erick$on is against this, it can’t be that bad. He should get back to what he’s good at, being a shill.

  2. Governor Baliles is STILL being thanked for bringing our transportation system into the 20th century…..fcs, maybe we should impeach President Eisenhower after-the-fact for thinking up that dumb Interstate Highway System…………

    1. Ken – Actually, because President Eisenhower helped to make “freeways” fashionable, he did help to create our traffic jams.

      Look at Washington D.C. and other major metropolitan areas. For the most part, the interstates are our only expressways. When government stopped charging tolls to pay for roads and stop strictly using those tolls for the roads on which they are paid, we gave up whatever control we still had left over transportation funding. What happened? Instead of getting expressways where us drivers want them, Federal, state, and local politicians build roads where developers want them. Even though our government lays down plenty of asphalt and concrete, it doesn’t put it down either how it is needed or where it’s needed.

      In the private sector, our money goes to the people who provide us the goods and the services we want. Government just takes our money and puts that money into a general fund. Then the politicians use that money to get what they want. That’s why McDonnell’s TAX TAX TAX Transportation TAX Plan won’t fix transportation.

  3. The latest voice to join the fray against McDonnell is Mark Levin. He is hammering McDonnel, the Republicans that voted for this disaster, and those that are speaking out against Cuccinelli at the same time. I am thankful that finally this idiocy is finally gaining national attention. McDonnell is toast if he ever desires to run for any other elective office. I really do believe that McDonnell is going to move on as a lobbyist. There is a lot more money in lobbying, and we know McDonnell is all about “furthering himself” and money seems to be a main focus of his, much more so than standing on principles.

    1. For another good voice, check out the Wall Street Journal. Google “Cavalier Fiasco” and read the WSJ piece. They agree that McDonnell’s career is over.

  4. Someone promised McDonnell something for him to do what he did. It won’t take long after the election this November to find out who. I promise we are not going to like where he goes.

    1. I don’t care where McDonnell goes, as long as he doesn’t run for another political office, anywhere, anytime.

    1. Got to get rid of those ultrasounds. Got to rid of the evidence. Go to get rid of…

      Roe v Wade: The Birth of the Modern Day Democratic Party and the Role of the Frankenstein Syndrome in the Shaping of Democratic Political Rhetoric.

      Carry on Ken

  5. I used to listen to Carnival Barker Levin for the past 5 years ………..but after the election last year, i no longer waste my time……NPR is so much more enlightening…………

  6. And what is your point Citizen Tom? The private sector (Australian Company) is now building our hot lanes……..we could dismantle the Interstate Highway System 9which as you may recall was started by Ike in part to provide a system of sending our armed forces around the nation rapidly…………just in time to help with the Civil Rights movement)……..also, abolish subway systems……………oh, for the good old days Tom!!!!

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