Loudoun Delegates attempt to explain their vote for the massive Tax Increase

All of the Loudoun county delegates, and our state senator, came to the Loudoun county republican committee meeting last night to explain their votes on the transportation tax bill.  Three delegates voted for the huge tax increase, Randy Minchew,  Joe May, and Tag Greason.  All three tried to explain the reasons for their votes for the biggest tax increase in Virginia history.   None of them said that any of our traffic problems in Loudoun will be helped by the new transportation ‘plan’.

Delegate Joe May was the first to speak.  He talked about the problem of potholes in Loudoun and how they effect our quality of life.  Since I’ve never encountered a pothole in Loudoun, and all of our roads seem to be repaved every year (whether they need it or not), Joe’s argument was rather silly.   Potholes?  Really?  We needed a $6.1 BILLION for potholes?  Joe also said that tax money raised in Loudoun will now stay in Loudoun.  We all know that is not true.  According to Delegate David Ramadan some of our additional taxes will go to a ‘regional authority’ in NOVA to determine how to use the money and that means Fairfax will decide how the money will be spent.  Obviously that means that the money will be spent in Fairfax.  The money will NOT remain in Loudoun.  Delegate May also spoke about how long he has been in the General Assembly.  His entire speech was terrible.  He couldn’t justify his vote for this terrible bill.

Delegate Tag Greason spoke next, taking us all on a trip down memory lane.  He said since he first came to LCRC he had told us how much he supported business.  He always told us that he was all about business and creating jobs.  Virginia has now moved from #1 in business to #3 because we need more transportation infrastructure.  Since the democrats in Richmond wouldn’t let them use more general funds for transportation, they had to pass this huge tax increase, even though it was very, very, difficult.  (I thought republicans were in charge in Richmond, but apparently not, since democrats ‘wouldn’t let them’ use general funds or the surplus.)   This massive tax increase supports business, so it’s a good thing in Tag’s book.  He did not explain what this infrastructure might be.  New roads?  More subways?  More helicopter transportation?  Pothole filling?

Delegate Randy Minchew spoke next and said that he thinks taxes are evil, he hates taxes as much we do!  (Who knew?!) But sometimes leaders must be BOLD!  So he boldly voted for this tax increase because he doesn’t want to ‘kick the can down the road’ and make subsequent general assemblies be in the position of having to vote to increase taxes for road maintenance!  He and McDonnell showed real leadership!  They’re real leaders!  After all, traffic congestion impairs our liberties!   Delegate Minchew failed to tell us how this bill will alleviate that traffic congestion and expand our liberties.  None of the delegates told us how the new taxes would help with any traffic problems  in NOVA because there is nothing in this bill that will do anything about our traffic problems.  Delegate Ramadan confirmed that.  As he said, it’s simply a bad bill, bad policy.

Senator Dick Black was very gracious, refusing to criticize those who voted for the tax increase.  He said that new bill is taxes piled upon taxes, with a whole new layer of taxes for people in Loudoun.  He listened to his constituents and could not support this bill that will burden all of us.  He said we  don’t have a taxing problem, we have a SPENDING PROBLEM!  The allocation of funds is wrong!  He said he listened to our concerns and had to vote against this tax increase.  Senator Black was given two standing ovations at the LCRC meeting because he is a hero, standing up for the people.

The other hero of the evening was Delegate Ramadan who, like Randy Minchew, had taken the Taxpayer Protection pledge, promising not to raise taxes.  Unlike Randy Minchew, Delegate Ramadan thought it important to honor that pledge.  (While the Pledge was a very important part of Delegate Minchew’s campaign, he had no problem violating it in his first term of office, voting for a massive tax increase.  In the pledge that Randy Minchew so proudly displayed during his campaign, he promised “to oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes”.   It sure didn’t take him long to violate that promise to voters!)  Delegate Ramadan honored his pledge because he is a man of honor, a man of his word.  He also said that the bill was a bad deal.  It won’t solve our traffic problems.  He supports tax reform and there is no tax reform in this tax bill.   He thought that the general assembly should have waited and done real tax reform rather than pass this bad bill.

The 10th district Republican Chair, John Whitbeck, gave an impassioned speech against the tax bill, asking what republicans stand for if not lower taxes and less government.   His 10th district committee opposed the transportation tax bill unanimously.   John also received a standing ovation.  LCRC members were VERY supportive of those who had the courage to stand up and oppose this monstrosity of a tax increase.   There was a tremendous of amount of anger in the room!  John expressed our anger very well.

In other news, David LaRock, a true conservative, will oppose Joe May in a June primary.  Joe May has been in the House of Delegates for 20 years, moving more and more to the left each session.  His complete support of this massive tax is the last straw.  We need a real conservative representing us in Loudoun.  We need David LaRock.



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  1. Thank you for this posting. I had hoped to attend the meeting last night, but I was at a school board committee meeting until 7:30. (Plus, I’ve got late night meetings the rest of the week and thought my family might like to see me:).

    It is unfortunate that some of our representatives could not appropriately justify their votes regarding the utilization of our tax dollars. When are we (as a society) going to learn that we must live within our means??? We cannot continue to increase our spending without the foresight into how this spending will actually be funded! The impending sequestration will have a huge negative impact on Virginia…more than nearly every state in the nation…yet our legislators figured we should pile on top of that ANOTHER huge financial burden??? I just don’t get it. What I DO get, however, is that we need someone like Dave LaRock to fight for us in Richmond. I look forward to supporting him in his endeavor!

    1. They’re funding it, on the backs of every man, woman, and child in the state. I just saw the graph for what states get hit the hardest with sequestration, and Virginia is number one, 200,000 people take a pay hit of 20% beginning on Friday. Every worker just got hit with a pay raise in January, when their payroll taxes went up. People in Virginia are scared and now their state is piling on with a raft of new taxes. People are scared and angry and their government is working against them every step of their lives. It’s very upsetting.

      The anger in the room last night was palpable and our delegates did little to help their former supporters.

  2. It was a sad night. There was a sickening look on the faces of rank-n-file Republicans as they watched their delegates stand as a group in front of them and explaint their votes. And before I say more I have to give them credit for having the courage to do it so gracefully, but thats the end of my praise.

    So many of us have poured our hearts into these races, devoting so much time and energy, standing in the rain at 5 am, sacrificing soccer games and ballet recitals to help these folks, hours of phone calls, on and on for years and years…

    Delegate David Ramadan explained the bill so well last night, Dick Black too. But hearing Ramadans explanation made me more sick, it was a whole other layer of why we shouldn’t have done this that I didnt even realize. He said that (1) the transportation authority would be able to divert most of the funds to Fairfax, leaving Loudoun and PWC in the dust; (2) there was no “tax reform” in the bill and tax reform is desperately needed in the way we do things; and (3) the taxes in this bill are designed to grow and grow and if stuff doesnt happen in DC and elsewhere, then the rates get bumped in years to come, with no further review. I literally thought I was going to puke.

    Ramadan and Dick will have no problem getting scores of LCRC volunteers this fall. LaRock too.

    The others better hope that the “20-1 supporters calling their office in support of the transportation bill” are also willing to knock doors, stuff envelopes, make phone calls and stand in the rain.

    1. I do not believe for a minute that they had that many people calling their office in support of THIS bill. There was support for fixing the transportation problem, but this bill doesn’t do that! It fixes nothing and yet our taxes will grow year after year. Because the gas tax is now a percentage, at the wholesale level, it’s not fixed. As gas prices rise, so does that tax. Initially we may save 2 cents per gallon, but by fall we will be paying even higher gas taxes than we do now, in addition to all the other new taxes that being levied on us. People in NOVA who are sick of seeing their taxes go to Richmond, you all ain’t seen nothing yet. You will pay EVEN more in taxes and send even more to Richmond!

  3. It was a bad night. It’s hard to hear the justifications from those that voted for this monstrosity. Many of us had a hard time listening to Del May, Del Greason and Del Minchew made such ridiculous statements, but I do give them credit for showing up.

    I think Chairman Whitbeck expressed everyone’s frustration very well. I am very glad he and G. Stone got up and said what needed to be said on behalf of the overwhelming majority of the Loudoun Unit.

    The question posed last night is ‘What the Hell is going on here”? I think everyone needs to ask themselves that question and call their delegate.

  4. At least Randy Minchew gave his vote back to the people instead of keeping it with Grover what’s his name!!! What a sad joke the “pledge” is. I cant imagine all the roads being re-paved in Loudoun every year………but we sure need a lot of that in PWC and also, MORE roads for all the gridlock we have on weekends and during rush hour…………

    1. Yes, every road near me is repaved every year, including rt 7. Every. single. year. The road closures that result late at night get very annoying, but we have that every, single, summer, and there is no need for it. Now they’ve moved on to replacing every guard rail too. It’s just what the delegates talked about, mainentance. Apparently repaving every year is not enough.

      How will this bill help with gridlock in PWC? Or anywhere else? I completely agree that we need MORE ROADS. But we’re not going to get any. The three delegates who supported this tax hike did not point to one single road project in Loudoun county. This bill will cost every man, woman, and child, in Virginia $1,000 each and no delegate can point to one single new road that it will bring to ease congestion. I am fairly certain that if there were new roads in the bill, one of the delegates who supported the tax increase would have mentioned those roads. He would have used the new roads as a justification for his vote. That might have worked. If republicans had heard that there would be an extra 2 lanes put in each way on rt 7, or a road built paralleling the Greenway or rt 7 or no more tolls on the Dulles Toll Road. But none pointed to any such road project. There will be no new roads to ease your gridlock in PWC or to help commuters in Fairfax or Loudoun. Although another $400 million will go to the subway in Fairfax. And you know how much the subway has helped traffic congestion in Fairfax. There are no commuting problems there, now that they have the subway. Right?

  5. C’mon LL………i will not hyperbolize my comments about roads, and surely you shouldnt assume there will be no more roads in PWC!!! Just how do you know?? I had the list of the roads that were extended or maintained with $729 million in Obama stimulous funds across the state 2 years ago. McDonnelll would not put up signs crediting the improvements to Obama since the signs would cost too much!!! True story…..i will keep in touch regarding the specifics…….apparently he hasnt signed to transportation bill. i strongly agree that the taxes should have been more user-fee driven ie raise the gas tax and not the tax on food and clothing

  6. The taxes that will be levied, will not be set aside for the roads in Northern VA. It is going into a general fund! I believe this happened when our taxes went up to 5%. It was sold as a transportation tax. How did that work out? No more bait and switch…on ANY level of government!

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