I have always felt that a public official should not only represent their constituents faithfully in their work in the legislature, but be approachable to people outside of the political world as well. In my personal experience, I have seen that quality often in folks like Delegates Comstock, Lingamfelter, Ramadan and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. It is an important quality for people serving in a citizen legislature such as ours here in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and in my opinion, the mark of a true statesman.
This quality is one of the primary reasons that I have chosen to support Senator Mark Obenshain to be our next Attorney General: Marks approachability and willingness to listen, while successfully passing conservative and smart bills, is one of his greatest traits. I will be the first to admit that in this session, he has not done things 100% in line with what I would like: most notably the restoration of rights bill. But believe me that when I asked him, Mark explained his vote without shying away from his positions, and was open to hearing my opinion on the matter. Obenshain also took on tough fights this year in voting against the transportation tax hike, and standing up to the Republicans who voted for this. He passed a bill protecting our 2nd Amendment rights by forbidding newspapers from publicizing the names of concealed carry permit holders. I know that Mark Obenshain is an effective legislator while standing firm in his conservative convictions and working his hardest to advance our cause. This is what Ken demonstrated as Attorney General, and it’s exactly what we need in our next Attorney General.
Lastly and I can’t stress this enough – Mark has reached out to many in the minority conservative communities, whether it is the black community or the Hispanic community here in Prince William. He’s been more than willing to seek out and listen to their input, and has had conversations with those of us who have conservative values. This is essential to growing our party and ensuring statewide victory in the fall. Mark is a true conservative, with a great record, and I believe he is the right candidate to take over for Ken Cuccinelli. I would urge everyone in the Commonwealth to look at Mark Obenshain and support him at the Convention to be our Republican nominee for Attorney General!



  1. Senator Obenshain is a fine man. His record is good. But Rob Bell is just a better candidate all the way around. This is one race where no matter who wins I will be proud to support the nominee. I cannot say that about the Lt. Gov. race………

  2. YES TO MARK HERRING……….he’s a decent and approachable man……..and he doesnt come with baggage and a wacky hairbrain agenda!! Scott Lingamfelter has also matured politically a great deal and i am thinking of voting for him for LG………..

  3. Overall I agree with VA Patriot re: Rob Bell, however, i’m intrigued by the vetting process that Middle Resolution is organizing and I will support the candidates who come out on top.

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