This was sent to me by someone who needed to vent…this was not written by me..but i agree with it 100 percent.

I think that your reaction to the change in the means of selecting the Republican nomination from primary to convention has branded you in the eyes of Virginians as a sore loser who is not measured in his response. Had you stayed in the contest for the Republican nomination you would have given the many Bolling supporters within our party a clear choice. Instead you decided to react with a rash public temper-tantrum that has diminished your brand I fear irreparably. Should you choose to run you will secure your position as the laughing stock of the Democrat party, they will be beside themselves with amazement that you took the bait and ran as an independent. Because, Mr. Bolling they are using you in their effort to destroy everything you have been fighting for for 22 years and not even they believe that you will be foolish enough to actually do it, but they are willing to try anything.2



  1. #1 Bill Bolling is a seriously uninspiring politician #2 His “you first-then me” deal with McDonnell was a nasty piece of political chicanery #3 No LEADER would ever agree to such an arrangement #4 A worthy LEADER would have waged a strong campaign and shown up at the May Convention ready to fight for the nomination. #5 Bolling is NOT worthy and he won’t be the Governor next year.

  2. He’s a walking advertisement for the necessity to clean house of non-conservatives in the VAGOP. They will demand we support their candidates, but should we have the nerve to nominate an actual conservative candidate, they will bolt, feign umbrage, and do everything they can to further the success of the opposing party.

  3. Alas, it is either the case that Bill Bolling spent over two decades pretending to be a conservative or he really was a conservative for 2 decades before giving up on everything he ever believed in a temper tantrum of entitlement to the governor’s office. I’m not sure which is worse, but in either case kicking “non-conservatives” out of the party wouldn’t have prematurely purged us of Bill Bolling… and it’s always been the pretenders like McDonnell & Bolling able to do is far more harm than the honest idiots.

  4. Bolling doesn’t deserve the title of sore loser. Technically he is a sore quitter. He would be entering the race in the hope of winning the title of sore loser.

  5. Ralph,

    I didn’t think of Bolling as a quitter until he withdrew from the current race. In fact, even though I consider myself a strong Cuccinelli supporter I found the choice between the two candidates difficult. I thought Bolling deserved equal consideration for putting principle , a conservative victory, over personal ambition.

    Of course, that ‘conservative victory’ is somewhat of a dubious claim given the governor’s recent legislative victory.

  6. Bolling is NOT a sore loser…………he is a screwed loser by virtue of the hard right wing extremists in the va. rep party ganging up on him in a convention. I am a democrat and have never voted for any republican to my recollection, never…..but i will be voting for Bolling……….who shows he has had to guts to stand up for himself and against the foolishness that now calls itself the mainstream va. rep party…..

  7. Ken,

    He is a loser, in this situation, because he didn’t have the belief in his own superior position and he didn’t hire, seek or find the advice which would have provided a strategy which could have beaten Cuccinelli.

  8. Thanks for your comment Doug, but i truly believe as do many moderate Republicans, that the party has destroyed itself. While such destruction is good for democrats, it is not good for the nation to have one-party rule……….Cooch’s latest goof………dont get his son a social security number!!! or how about more ultrasounds!!

  9. Ken,

    The moderate Republicans hate their social conservative brethren more than they do the Democrats. In fact, I don’t think the moderates truly ‘hate’ and despise any of their political opponents except the social conservatives, that’s too bad because I think it clouds their political judgment. Bolling could have beaten Cuccinelli by keeping the high ground and tacking to the right, instead he placed all his chips on a Romney win and allowed himself a luxury that no politician in the middle of tight battle should indulge in, he felt slighted and sorry for himself. Cuccinelli is a street fighter, he goes door to door and he’s capable of actually defending the principles he campaigns on, a glaring weakness is not something an opponent wants to show Ken, he will relentlessly attack that point until his opponent figures out how to cover up and counter or until his opponent drops. I would think that’s the kind of politician a Democrat like yourself would appreciate, or fear.

  10. Doug, Thank you. I understand the convention deck was stacked against Bolling from the start. He couldnt have won under any circumstances. And I do think that Cooch behaves like an ass in his political life and this will lead to his downfall in November.

  11. Ken,
    Yes he could have won and more importantly he should have fought to win. He chose not to and now you’re at his side with a box of kleenex whispering sweet nothings into his ears about that bad man he ran away from.

  12. Well, you may be closer to the Republican Party, but my understanding is that Bolling did not stand a chance in a ‘convention’ full of extreme right wing delegates……remember, Bolling even beat Sean Connaughton for Lt Gov in a state-wide election a few years ago………..but in a room-full of the right-wingers, he didnt stand a chance……….appparently he isnt afraid of running as an independent……..we shall see!!

  13. Ken,

    You assume a convention full of extreme right wing delegates are nothing but programmed Androids who are incapable of anything but robotically mouthing Ken Ken Ken .

  14. Perfect Doug……….you took the words right out of my mouth………you arent gonna tell me that some of the androids would have endorsed Bolling???????!!!!!

    1. Ken,

      Dehumanizing your political opponents is unworthy of you, given the assumption of moral and intellectual superiority that you bring to these pages.

      Let’s examine the source of your problem, I suspect there’s an ultrasound in there somewhere.

      Yes, speaking as a former 30 year undefeated Chess player recently beaten by a 10 year old, Bolling had a stronger position. He could have won at the convention if he had marshaled his forces prior to the convention and kept on message to the right of Ken and painted Ken’s pursuit of the Gov as not in keeping with the principles Ken stands on. He didn’t, he quit. He’s a sore quitter. I hope he finds his integrity and comes around to supporting Ken. He won’t find his integrity in the Washington Post, among blog provocateurs, or in a run as an independent.

      Ken took a chance. He did leave himself momentarily open. Bolling didn’t pounce on it, instead he played the ole country club Republican defense of outrage, that a Catholic, Jew, Black, Hispanic, Woman etc., would have the nerve to play on the same course as Bolling rather than merely carrying Bolling’s clubs.

    2. Ken,

      You said :

      “Perfect Doug……….you took the words right out of my mouth…”

      I guess we’ll just have to agree that you disagree with yourself.


      It is not about knowing the party or the system, Bolling’s stronger position was self-evident, however, he simply failed to understand and press his advantage over Cuccinelli. He didn’t believe in his own argument as to why he would make a better Governor of Virginia. How then was he going to convince others? And why would anyone now take him seriously as a plausible independent candidate, other than those hoping for a Governor MacAuliffe?

  15. You know your party and the system better than i do Doug…….its my understanding it would have been stacked against Bolling…and you are the first person i have been in contact with who said Bolling could have won in these circumstances…one point…i did not dehumanize …YOU referred to my conceptualizing them as androids!!!

  16. OK…….you got me on that one Doug…………i think though that Bolling would have faced down a stampede….concurrent with Cooch shouting out all his right-wing bs…………he would take that to the voters and get his ass kicked by McAuliffe……….SO, Bolling has to run it alone!!!

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