Every generation needs a new revolution

“Every generation needs a new revolution.”- Thomas Jefferson

With one vote in the General Assembly and one distraught former candidate for Governor, the Republican Party has been thrown into an absolute tailspin and will be split in May for the convention. What’s at the center of this tailspin?
The preservation of Conservatism.
Our party is split. Moderates vs. Conservatives vs. Libertarians. We have lost our way and many who are supposed to represent it have lost their way. We have Delegates in Virginia who have held their seats for several years and have not represented our Principles. One Delegate in Herndon in particular.
We need a “revolution.”
This Revolution calls for Primaries on those who refuse to hold the banner of small government , less taxes and family first issues. My question to those who refuse to hold the banner is: why call yourself a Republican if you can’t, in good conscience, represent values of the party? Why are you raising taxes? Why are you expanding the reach of government?
If you cant believe in these basic values, you are in the wrong party.
And this isn’t just a problem in appealing to the Republican base: How are we supposed to attract new people to the party if we shy away from the very principles that are the foundation of what it means to be a Republican?
It’s impossible.
This convention will be the culmination of many years of infighting in The Republican Party of Virginia. My hope is that the victor is our values and our message . I hope that we can ban together behind the reason why we are Republicans and not watered down political crap. If we want to win we have to be truthful to ourselves. If we continue to be fake and watered down… well, that’s the party we will become. And there’s already a party for that…2


One thought on “Every generation needs a new revolution

  1. When it comes to government, there’s really not much difference between conservatives and libertarians, unless your definition of “Conservative” is to make laws which infringe on the rights of others to freely lead a non-violent lifestyle that “conservatives” disagree with simply because it goes against a certain religious code. Interference that comes with needing the government resources to enforce these codes, an archaic tax code that allows for them, and the prison capacity to detain non-violent offenders. In terms of a limited government, there’s nothing conservative about that at all.

    I tend to think Republican “conservatives” have a lot more in common with libertarians than they realize.

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