And so it Begins…….Smears and Mudslinging in Loudoun County

In Fairfax they call Loudoun County the Wild West.  There’s good reason for that characterization.  Politics in Loudoun is a wild, take-no-prisoners, sport.  So it comes as no surprise that within days of David LaRock announcing that he would mount a primary campaign against Joe May to be delegate from Virginia’s 33rd delegate district, the mudslinging began.   A whisper campaign was launched with a wild story that David had driven across a neighbor’s yard and removed a sign that she post in her yard.  Sounds bad, right?

In the spring of 2012,  a large, purple ,pornographic sign was posted in a public right of way on Rt 9, Charles Town Pike at Hamilton Station road.  It had an image of a nearly nude woman and seemed to be advertising  a strip club in WV.   It was a sign that everyone traveling on Rt 9 had to pass.  It was illegal.  The sign was reported numerous times by numerous people.   Parents objected to the sign as busloads of their children had to pass this pornographic sign everyday on their way to school.  Citizens objected to the sign because it certainly isn’t the kind of advertising that anyone wants in western Loudoun.  It didn’t encourage  our beautiful vineyards, or any of the charming towns in western Loudoun.  It advertised a pornography business in West Virginia!  For months people complained about the sign.  (Turns out the sign was advertising an adult novelty store in WV, but you couldn’t see that from the road.  From the name and the nude image of a woman, people assumed that it was advertising a strip club in WV.)  Complaints continued and nothing was done.  The sheriff’s office did not remove the illegal sign.   After looking at this disgusting sign for months, David LaRock decided to do what the sheriff’s office had refused to do; he removed the illegal, pornographic, sign so that children didn’t have to continue to look at every day.  It was not on anyone’s lawn, he never set foot on anyone’s property.  I talked to David and he said from the conversations he had with Loudoun County officials he was under the impression that it was an abandoned sign and therefore considered litter.  But he was cited for removing the sign attached to a fence along the road. Mr. LaRock agreed to pay the owner for the cost of her pornographic sign rather than spends thousands of dollars going to court.  That’s the whole story.   It will disappear from the court records in September.

In an odd coincidence I was at neighborhood party last night when people began talking about the ‘disgusting porno sign’ that had been on Rt 9 last Spring and Summer.  (They knew nothing of this smear campaign.) Everyone agreed that the sign was awful, and one mother said she hated it because she had to pass it every day while driving her three children to school.   I told the group that Dave LaRock had also become disgusted with the sign because he too was concerned about all the children in buses who had to see it every day.  After months, with nothing being done, he  discarded the illegal sign.   When my friends and neighbors  in the room heard the story  they cheered his action!   When I informed them that Mr. LaRock is running for office, they all said that they would support David LaRock’s campaign while two people said they were sending him checks today!

Another silly attempt at mudslinging in Loudoun county has backfired!  Dave LaRock helped to clean up our neighborhood, by getting rid of a pornographic sign,  now let’s get behind his campaign to clean up the big spending in Richmond!  We need someone who will represent the PEOPLE, someone who is on the side of the taxpayer, and not the interests of big business!  


7 thoughts on “And so it Begins…….Smears and Mudslinging in Loudoun County

  1. I remember seeing yard sign versions of this nasty sign littering the right of ways all around western Loudoun and West Virginia. It sounds like Dave’s opponent is just desperate to get the voters’ attention off of his own record of raising our taxes.

    Unfortunately for him, we’re not that easily distracted. I attended the Loudoun and Clarke County GOP meetings last week, and people are mad as can be, and aren’t impressed by May and Gov. McDonnell’s condescending attitudes and lame excuses.

    Dave is the first primary challenger to an incumbent Republican since 2005, but I expect to see lots of other challengers to the tax hikers. We have to take our party back before there’s nothing left of it.

    1. Exactly! It’s time to take back our party! We can’t afford more years with these tax hiking RINOS!

  2. Regardless of the tax issue, Joe May has never in his career conducted smear campaigns against opponents. They have done it TO him, but he has never and would never do it.

  3. ….so where exactly did this story originate from. If you have skated along, no need to stoop, but a record is a record and change is “blowing in the wind.”

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