Who’s representing us in Richmond?

For the last 10 days I’ve been wondering what the hell has happened to my party and just who in Richmond is representing the interests of the people across the state.  For decades we’ve seen democrats take more and more of our tax money to give to people on the bottom of the economic ladder, those who don’t work, who are disabled, who need housing, food, and medical care.   As the handouts grew, so did our taxes.

The republican party stood for lower taxes, letting people keep more of their own money so that they could run businesses that hired people, and use their money to buy to buy goods and services that they desire.  That in turns gives more jobs to more people.   Now I realize that republicans are not interested in helping the average guy who is trying to run his small business, nor do they care about the workers across the state.  They care about big business, the transit lobby, and real estate developers.  We learned that last month when the Virginia General Assembly voted for a bill that will raise taxes by $6.1 BILLION.  Where were the interests of the people in that bill?  We learned the same lesson when an  all republican board of supervisors in Loudoun county voted for a BILLION dollar metro that less than 2% of people in Loudoun will ever ride.  As our Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli said, it wasn’t a transportation deal, it was a land deal for the developers.  In both cases, the massive tax increase, and the metro land deal,  was never about what was best for the voters, the people of Virginia.

So who represents us?  Who represents the voters,  the people in Virginia?  It’s not the democrats who represent those on the very bottom, or the Republicans who care only for those on the top.  Who cares about the  rest of us?  Where’s our party?

Mason Conservative has written an excellent column about the history of Virginia politics and how we got to where we are now.  Let’s hope that he is right, and Ken Cuccinelli will lead us to that new party that represents the people.


2 thoughts on “Who’s representing us in Richmond?

  1. After as many times as they’ve stabbed conservatives in the back, I think we’re beyond the point of asking what happened to the GOP.

    Done with the party, let it all burn to the ground.

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