Tan, Rested, and Ready. Is Bill Bolling IN?

We will know the answer to that question in 3 days.  Bill Bolling will announce his decision to run for Governor, or not, on Thursday .  Recently Bolling has lost 45 pounds and has spent the last week vacationing with his wife Jean Ann in the Bahamas while he makes the final decision on an independent run for Governor.

Many people think Bolling won’t run, others think that he will.   Some big republican donors, like McLean lawyer and real estate developer, G. Daniel Clemente, have urged Bolling not to run.  Clemente said, “When I met with Bill Bolling, I said, ‘Please don’t run as an independent. The only thing you’re going to do is hand the election to Terry McAuliffe.’ ”  Like many of us, he has wondered why Bolling didn’t do something when Ken Cuccinelli began to pack the Republican State Central Committee with members who would vote to change the method of nominating the Governor from a primary to a convention, knowing such a change would favor Ken Cuccinelli.  ” ‘Cuccinelli was working out in the open, and Bill was coasting,’ Clemente said.”

Others, like the former CEO of BDM, Earle Williams, will support an independent run by Bolling.
“He would have an enormous appeal to a lot of people who don’t like the extreme left and the extreme right, and that has been the story of Virginia politics.”  In 1993 Williams spent $2 million of his own money in his unsuccessful run for Governor.

While Bolling continues to say that his run depends on his ability to garner financial support, I think it has much more to do with ruining Ken Cuccinelli’s run for Governor.  Bolling’s angry and holding a grudge against Virginia republicans, but most of all, Ken Cuccinelli.  During the general assembly session Bolling prevented many republican bills from becoming law because he refused to support the bills.  He’s angry and bitter. But is he angry and bitter enough to run an exhausting, 8 month, campaign that he can’t possibly win?  I’m hoping that during this week in the Bahamas, Jean Ann will convince Bill of the futility of this campaign and help him explore other options for his future.  We’ll know in three days if she was successful.

More about Bill’s decision here and here.


8 thoughts on “Tan, Rested, and Ready. Is Bill Bolling IN?

  1. After his shinnanigans with the presidential race, I will never support BB for anything ever. Anyone who lacks the moral clarity to allow a fair nominating process has no place holding office.

  2. Charles Cooper,

    I agree that Bolling and the Republican establishment in Virginia came out looking ethically challenged by their defense of the nominating process. It is too bad Ken didn’t stick to his original opposition to the process, I would have preferred him to have fought that battle at all costs to prevent what eventually happened in the general election. He most likely would have lost sure, but at least we may have entertained briefly the implausible scenario of a Perry-Cuccinelli ticket coming out of a brokered convention or some other flukie primary process. Instead we nominated the most implausible candidate possible to send against the incumbent, Mr. 47%.

    Bolling if he wants to continue in Virginia politics as a statewide Republican candidate really doesn’t have a choice but to suck it up and support Cuccinelli and hopes he loses. If he runs as an independent, it’s a death wish where he is hoping to drag down Cuccinelli with him, and if he is successful, the VRP can pretty much look forward to a New York Republican Party exile in the wilderness for years to come.

    1. The fight isn’t over with the nomination prcoess, didn’t the GA just lower the required signatures to get on the ballot for a federal election from 10,000 to 5,000? There are 2 more GA sessions that can clarify, simplify and streamline the process before we go thru it again. This will have to be taken up by Delegates and Senators that believe the process was onerous and outdated, not the AG.

    2. The GA id significantly lower the signature thresholds. Additionally, a federal court declared the residency requirements for signature gatherers invalid last summer.

      AND no he’s not running. The only thing surprising he has done since February 23 (end of session) is not talk about his upcoming announcement every single day.

    3. After his behavior over the last few months, Bill Bolling is done, completely finished, in republican politics in Virginia. Former supporters like me, would never support him for any position.

  3. Bolling didnt sound “angry and bitter” to me in that letter he sent around……….i have never voted for a Republican before – i did have a chance to talk to John Hager several years ago – after he gifted the job to Gilmore………..and we are still paying for that bizarre mistake…………hummmmmmmmtake $1.0 billion in 2000 dollars out of the cash flow of the state via the loss of the car tax……..whatta guy……………Hager should have fought the establishment……..i hope Bolling WILL………

  4. Ken ” I have never voted for a Republican before” saying that Hager and Bolling should fight the Republican establishment would be like going to FedEx field on a Sunday in the Fall and being forced to watch an intrasquad scrimmage.

  5. Doug – Are y ou admitting here that the Convention was rigged from “day one” in favor of Cooch? Cooch IS THE ESTABLISHMENT after his handpicked delegates have stacked the Convention. This is why, in my humble view, Bolling needs to protect his own honor after serving for 8 years as a ‘patsy’ to the establishment………..Go Get Em Bill…………….beat their buttts!!! If you dont, McAuliffe walks off with the win since Cooch will become this year’s political clown. If you do run as an independent, you will get my vote!!!

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