Patriot SuperPAC Runs Anti-McDonnell Ad In NH

Following up on their anti-Bob McDonnell ad running in Iowa, Patriot SuperPAC has moved on to the next presidential primary state, New Hampshire.


2 thoughts on “Patriot SuperPAC Runs Anti-McDonnell Ad In NH

  1. That “PATRIOT” title really makes me sick!!! Why not invoke the name of Jesus….or Allah in their cheap political shots!!!! If anyone in this conversation is a PATRIOT, it is Bob McDonnell!!!

  2. This was a unique and brilliant project. It’s unfortunate that Gov. McDonnell’s ego got the best of him. The plan he introduced was revenue neutral, but his political ambitions overrode his integrity and the $6Billion tax increase was the result. He needs to amend or veto the monstrosity that is sitting on his desk. I don’t know a single soul who will support him in the future otherwise.

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