Ken Cuccinelli Speech Kicks Off CPAC

Quite the speech — a full-throated defense of free-markets as well as standing up for the defenseless and the oppressed.

He points out five things he wants to do as governor — simplify our tax code by getting rid of the special interest tax breaks and lowering taxes for the middle class; streamline regulation; rein in the government; provide parents with educational flexibility for their children; and to speak for those citizens who do not have a voice — from victims of human trafficking to those suffering mental illness as well as the wrongly-convicted and those who have been rehabilitated,


2 thoughts on “Ken Cuccinelli Speech Kicks Off CPAC

  1. Ken Cuccinelli kicks off CPAC while a sitting republican Governor, McDonnell, wasn’t even invited! Go Ken!

    1. I totally agree with you Ms. LL……….Go Ken!!!! Bye Ken!!! The Circus CPAC!!!! known more by WHO WAS INVITED than by anything they said or did!!!

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