Freedom of speech mortally wounded in the UK, but may survive in Australia

The politicians have finally figured out how to regulate the press in the United Kingdom (Telegraph).

No, that’s not a good thing. The entire political spectrum outside of Parliament (from Toby Young to Dan Hodges) is furious. Hodges is particular about how “it’s already undermining legitimate journalism” – with specific examples of critical British stories that would never have seen the light of day “had the Leveson recommendations been in force” (Leveson is the synecdoche for the press regulation scheme). Keep in mind that Hodges is loudly, cuttingly, and hilariously Labour.

On the plus side, it appears the Down Under assault on the free press has been dealt a crushing blow by three MPs who refuse to back it (Australian and Andrew Bolt). Given the fluid state of the Australian House of Representatives, the opposition of three Independent MPs should be enough to sink the ridiculous attempt of the Australian government to restrict the press.

Then again, the nonsense out of London may give Canberra new momentum.

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