Joe May’s campaign struggling to get off the ground

Joe May, a 20 year incumbent from Virginia’s 33rd district, appears to be having a problem getting the mere 125 signatures that he needs to file to be on the ballot in the June primary.  May recently voted for the very unpopular, massive, tax increase for Virginians.  He is so out of touch with voters that he later called those opposing this huge tax increase, ‘extremists’.    No wonder he’s having problems getting signatures on his petition to run for re-election.  May is being challenged by a true conservative, Dave LaRock of Hamilton.  His campaign issued this press release today:


                                        LaRock Leads 375-0 After Week 1 

Hamilton, VA – Dave LaRock turned in 375 petition signatures last week – exactly three times the amount required.

One week after the LaRock campaign filed their ballot petition signatures, Del. Joe May’s campaign is still seeking the required signatures in order to be placed on the June 11, 2013 Republican Primary ballot.

It appears that the May campaign, despite the fact that they are supporting a 20-year incumbent, is struggling to find the necessary support to complete their ballot petition effort.

Small business owner Dave LaRock filed at the opening of the filing period. Because of the tremendous success and speed of his campaign’s signature effort Dave will be the first candidate listed on the ballot.

The ballot petition filing period for the June 11, 2013 Republican Primary is open until the 28th of March at 5PM.<<<

In the coming weeks, Dave will have kickoffs in each of the three counties represented in the 33rd House district.  Please join Dave at one of these events, hear his conservative message, and ask him questions.  It’s time for Joe May to be retired.  He is not a conservative as evidenced by his numerous votes for tax increases and a 75% approval rating from NARAL.  He has a record that democrats applaud, but it doesn’t represent the interests of people in 33rd district!

Frederick County Campaign Kick-off

Perkins, Lee-Jackson Best Western
711 Millwood Ave, Winchester, VA 22601
March 20, 6:30pm
Clarke County Campaign Kick-off
Camino Real
16 Crow Street, Berryville, VA 22611
March 26, 6:30pm
Loudoun County Campaign Kick-off
Magnolias at the Mill
198 North 21st Street, Purcellville, VA
April 2, 6:30 pm
More here and here.

12 thoughts on “Joe May’s campaign struggling to get off the ground

  1. This time is different. Last time, the timing of the primary as well as the challenging candidate sucked. He was an establishment type (later hired by the Bush Administration) and not a very well-liked individual (even in his own neighborhood).

    This time, we have the hard-working and very driven LaRock bringing the fight for the truly conservative and anti-tax patriots.

    1. Since most voters didn’t live here, I doubt that they know what ‘the last time’ was. Are you referring to the last time the liberal Joe May had a primary challenger?


  2. The Final Jeopardy question is: What does the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to the Constitution have in common???????

    1. I’m damn disappointed with you Doug Brown. i thought that a constitutional scholar like yourself would have the response to my rather elementary question at your fingertips. The answers are: The Preamble to the Declaration of Independence states in part”……………all men are created equal, they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness……deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”; AND, the Preamble to the Constitution……..”……………….promote the general Welfare…………” NOW, for your well-deserved punishment, go sit in the corner of your office or bathroom and listen to Rush Limbaugh for the rest of the year…………..perhaps that will bring you to your senses as to how absurd your political beliefs are!!!!and keep your hands where eveyone can see them…………..

  3. The moochers are all of those big-money developers and Metro affiliated moochers who didn’t want to pay for this out of their own pockets….even as it would benefit ONLY them. Hey…I know, let’s get the taxpayers to pay for it, and even if it’s unconstitutional and they won’t get a single traffic solution out of it…it ain’t OUR money.

  4. The debacle is still this…
    This tax plan is a contrast to the State Constitutional provisions of equal protection, in
    which tax districts MUST render the collected taxes directly and soley to the district
    in which the tax was collected. Sending the same old 30% portion back to the special tax district
    that Northern Virginia has been delegated, is the same failure to address the ratio in which these
    funds are apportioned. It is a failure that has lasted well past NVA’s phenomenal contributions to
    State financing.

    It furthermore collects a gas tax and other provisions that significantly close the available
    funds from struggling family household budgets already in duress across the state’s poorer regions
    and areas with higher unemployment ratios.

    It is a crime that when the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (who answers to no one) did not
    recieve enough funding from the State of Virginia or the special tax district set up around the
    proposed Ashburn Station, they began a lobbying attempt with the Governor of the State to send them more
    transportation funding. This took the form of the original proposal of the Governor to the General Assembly.

    The end result to the folks in that special tax district is this….Now, not only do they get to pay more
    taxes in Loudoun’s special tax district, they also get to pay an increased state tax for their purchases
    in Northern Virginia, an increased tax if they’re able to purchase or sell a home there, and an increased
    fee for registering the family automobiles. Folks downstate will be treated to increased registration fees
    that will pay for a Metro solution hundreds of miles from them, as well.

    What was cut out, reorganized and turned into a laughable solution is what ended up on the Governor’s desk,
    for his signature….UNCONSTITUTIONAL AS IT WAS, and sporting brand new concessions for the Medicare legilation that would follow. It is well past time for real patriots to push the stagnated and worn down politicians to the side and improve the fiscal state of Virginia before it’s too late to turn it around.

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