How to build the Republican Party

It’s all about the relationships, and not ‘outreach’.  Corey Stewart and Artur Davis explained it very well at the recent CPAC meeting.  Corey’s knows what he’s talking about, he knows how to build support in minority communities.  This is worth watching for all republicans.


8 thoughts on “How to build the Republican Party

  1. I believe the principal ‘minority’ group in prince william county are white people!!! And Corey usually takes the white community in each election, mainly because he has targeted Latinos, and to some extent, the Black community – targeted in a negative sense. I believe this formula spells disaster for his campaign for a statewide office………..

    1. my son-in-law……….he’s a pilot for a major airline…………and a damn good one………..and i’m Irsh-American and very proud of him!!

    1. You guys are hopeless and helpless!!!! C’mon, the balance of the two-party system in our Republic is critical to our Democracy……..the Republican Party is in the toilet and about to be flushed!!!! hhohohoho

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