Ode to Socialism

I would like to thank all those people who voted for Barack Obama.  You are going to save me a lot of money in 2014.

Since ObamaCare was passed I have seen my health insurance premiums increase year-after-year.  Last year, to make my monthly premiums reasonable, I increased my deductible to $5000.  With such a high deductible I can’t actually afford to go to the doctor, so I have ignored many of my aches and pains, which in turn, saves me money. But this is only a fraction of the savings I can thank you for.

The real benefits kick in when I get my premium rate increases in 2014.  All the major insurance companies are announcing when ObamaCare is fully implemented, insurance premiums for individuals and small businesses will double, again!  In 2014, I figure the monthly health insurance premiums for my family of four will be approaching half of my take home pay.

Since my deductible is about as high as it can go I will have no other choice but to drop my health insurance all together.  And that is where you are saving me money, albeit a small mandate penalty tax I have to pay for that privilege!  Thank you.

Our benevolent (with other people’s money) leader has also given me the false hope I will still get health care coverage.  With the wave of his magic wand he forces insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions!  So if, no when, something major goes wrong I will just stroll down to my local insurance company (if there are any left) and demand them to take care of me.

Isn’t Socialism great! [sic]


9 thoughts on “Ode to Socialism

  1. you’re welcome Clarke………….and i am damn proud of Barack an glad i voted for him……..awesome President!!!

  2. Great post. We’re just beginning to see what Obamacare will mean to all Americans. Every American will pay more for health care, with fewer services available.

  3. Many physicians are going to a “concierge service” type of plan. So in addition to taxes, you will have to pay an additional fee just to see a doctor in a timely manner.

    For Ken, there is a special death panel just with his name on it. Not that I wish it on you, dude, but someone’s got to be the bearer of bad tidings here.

    “What complaint do they now have to make? That the universe is irrational? Is it?” — Hugh Akston

  4. Let’s hope that the good Dr. Neuhofel’s idea of going back to practicing old fashioned medicine, fee for service, no insurance accepted, goes like wild fire across the country. You can become a member of Dr. Neuhofel’s practice, just as old fashioned co-ops were run many years ago. During the Ocare debate, the Heritage Foundation had suggested just this type of idea as an alternative to government run clinics.


    The fees that Dr. Neuhofel charges make it entirely possible to have catastrophic insurance, and to be able to afford to see the doc when you need an ingrown toenail removed, or your child has the flu.

    If I am not mistaken, their is no method for the government to be able to collect the penalties for not having insurance, short of deducting the penalty from your tax refund. Plan wisely so you come as close to breaking even at year end as possible.

  5. Pine cone…you are, of course, considering that folks like me actually get money back. I’m so extended as a business/proprietor , that I pay every year…or at the very least, I’ll overpay my quarterlies and they’ll just keep it.

  6. Isophorone – Death panel!! Didnt Beck or Hannity invent that term for Barack? Or Rush? Other Carnival Barkers? YEP, and Barack is an Aftrican immigrant with no birth certificate………hohohoho….look where the nation was when he came in………….but some folks have severe cases of amnesia…….and yes many are optimistic the Health Care initiative will save lives and money over the long term

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