What Susan Stimpson REALLY said

While liberal blogs and Bearing Drift tried to tell us that Susan Stimpson said something wrong, and possibly racist, in an interview last fall with John Fredericks, the Richmond Times-Dispatch, PolitiFact Check sets the record straight on what  what she really said.   The entire article is here.

John Fredericks, a Pete Snyder supporter, tried desperately hard to get Susan say something wrong, anything wrong, but especially something that could be misconstrued as racist.

Fredericks: Now, Republicans in Virginia are also getting annihilated in the key urban centers of the state:Hampton, Newport News, Richmond, Portsmouth. What would your message be to the African-American community? Like if you went to, let’s say, you’re campaigning in some of the urban areas, how would you be able to inspire blacks to vote for Susan Stimpson? What would be your message?

Stimpson: Well, that wouldn’t be a set constituency that I would try to inspire. I think that we, um, we are, we’re all Americans here and we all have the same concerns. We want to be able to provide for our family, we want to have jobs, we want to be able to just have that American exceptionalism that allows us to have these individual liberty — liberties — to do what we think is best for ourselves and for our family.

And I really think that that’s what’s at stake right now — that government should be limited. That we should get out of the way of families and that means taking money out of their pockets and thinking that the government can make a better decision for — for us. That is not a good direction for our country and I think that it’s really a battle right now for individual liberties. So I would appeal to women, I would appeal to minorities, I would appeal to Republicans and Democrats that, basically, we just need to protect our liberty and to push back on all of this government overreach.”

Susan Stimpson wouldn’t treat people differently based on their race because she thinks ALL Americans have the same goals and the same desires for liberty, for jobs, for freedom.  She refuses to base her message on race or gender.  We’re all in this together with the same goals for ourselves and our families.  Sounds good to me.

At the end of the interview, John Fredericks tries one more time,

Fredericks: Susan, if I may, I want to get back to a question I asked and get a follow-up on your answer. We talked, you know, about the need to – for Republicans to be able to go into the black communities of Virginia and reach that particular segment of Virginians and when I asked that, I just want to be sure – did you say that basically that’s a demographic segment you can’t win and you’re going to fight them off or did I misinterpret that answer?

Stimpson: I think that you completely misinterpreted that answer. I think that’s part of the problem with politics today. What in the world are we doing – segregating all of these different classes and what your race is and what your sexuality is. I think that, you know, that we are all Americans here and so I think that we share common values as Americans, not according to what our skin color is. So I just – I reject that – that we are going to be focusing on things like that. And I think even, it was Jay-Z made the comment that he thinks government is doing too much, so I think that that community also believes that government may be doing too much.”

It’s disgusting that some blogs took excerpts from this interview to make it appear that Susan Stimpson said something that she didn’t say.  Now you know the truth.  Now you know that Susan Stimpson is not a racist.  She has the same goals for ALL Virginians, without regard to race or gender.  She supports what ALL Virginians want for themselves and their families, jobs, freedom, individual liberties, and a chance to get ahead.   Works for me.


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  1. Yup, and Bearing Drift is happy to give them a forum to display their editing until it says what they want. Disgusting.

    1. whats up with those guys? Whenever someone comments on a thread and asks for clarification or proof of an assertion, they are ignored and/or told to hit the road. So much for the big tent

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