Attorney General Rules Transportation and Medicaid deals Unconstitutional!

On Friday Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli ruled that the Governor Bob McDonnell’s legacy, the biggest tax hike in Virginia’s  history, is illegal.  The deal that the Governor and General Assembly made to expand medicaid is also unconstitutional.  Both could be struck down before they become law.   The Attorney General said that it is not legal for the government to charge a sales tax of 6% in only two areas of the state, Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads, while the rest of the state pays 5.3%.   Cuccinelli said “imposition of taxes in the specific localities constitutes a local law related to taxation prohibited” by the Constitution.  (Isn’t that what many lawyers said when this terrible law was passed?)

From the Washington Examiner, “The attorney general affirmed a previous ruling that lawmakers could not create a special legislative panel to trigger an expansion of Medicaid if certain reforms are met. That promised expansion would give 400,000 residents health insurance and was critical to gaining Democratic support of the transportation package.

Cuccinelli released a similar opinion last month, but most lawmakers ignored it, saying Cuccinelli hadn’t even seen the bill’s language and was acting merely to kill the transportation deal.”  Looks like our legislators were wrong, again.

We can thank Delegate Bob Marshall for bringing these legal questions to the Attorney General.

This means that our Loudoun Delegates Joe May, Randy Minchew and Tag Greason were so anxious to raise our taxes, and expand medicaid, they voted for an illegal bill.   They voted to impose an unequal, unfair, extra tax burden, on their own constituents!

More on the story here.


15 thoughts on “Attorney General Rules Transportation and Medicaid deals Unconstitutional!

  1. Good thing the Attorney General didn’t resign, last Republican leader along with Mr. Marshall still looking out for the little guy in Virginia.

    Maybe the Gov and Lt Gov should consider resigning before their terms end?

    1. Good point Doug. Our Governor, Lt Governor and General Assembly passed an illegal, unconstitutional, law. Perhaps they should resign!

    1. Only the ones who are in such a rush to do something that they do something unconstitutional. Cuccinelli wanted just a straightforward increase in the gas tax to pay for it.

  2. WHY would Cooch resign LL?? res ipsa loquitur………..its the Cooch’es who are wrecking the Republican Party

    1. The stars are not looking well for the future of the Rep. Party…..Rinse Prebus, Romney ,Cruz, Paul, Bachmann……………..what a team of losers!!!

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