Joe May likes Dave LaRock for Delegate!

It seems even Delegate Joe May likes his opponent Dave LaRock.  Today Joe May ‘liked’ the “Dave LaRock for Delegate” Facebook page.    Perhaps even Joe May has come to realize that voters in his  district can’t take the massive tax hikes that Joe continues to impose on them with his votes in the House of Delegates.  Perhaps Joe has realized, like Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli,  that the recent tax hikes are illegal and  unfair to his district.  He voted to impose special, higher, taxes on the people who live in his district!   What representative does THAT?  That’s why Virginia Virtucon has endorsed Dave LaRock and now it appears his  opponent has too!   Thanks Joe!  Dave LaRock will make a great representative of the people, a delegate who won’t vote to raise our taxes like Joe May has done so many times!   Let’s send Joe May a message on June 11th!  We’re sick to death of higher taxes and we’re not going to take it anymore!


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