How does Pete Snyder get his email lists?

Like most people, I have more than one email account.  One such email account I check infrequently.   On that account I receive emails from Lt Governor candidate Pete Snyder.  They always address me as “Caroline” and it’s clear they think I live in Prince William county, where I have never lived.  I ignored that until recently when I remembered that another campaign had also thought I was Caroline in Prince William.  I searched my emails and found it was Victory 2012 that also thought that I was Caroline in Prince William.  No other campaigns have addressed me in this way.

It appears that the Snyder campaign is using the Victory mailing list.  How did Snyder get it?  Did Pete duplicate the list during the year he spent as Victory chair?  If so, that was a pretty good deal and a good reason to take the Victory job in preparation for a run as Lt. Governor.

I assume that the Victory email list was owned by the Republican Party of Virginia.   Did the RPV give the list to Pete?  If so why?  Why Pete?  Why wasn’t it given to ALL the candidates?  Or need I even ask?  If Pete simply appropriated the list, well, that seems unlikely since taking that amount of data is a felony.  NotLarrySabato recently addressed this very issue.

How did the Victory 2012 email list fall into Pete’s hands?   Any guesses?


18 thoughts on “How does Pete Snyder get his email lists?

  1. Can’t disprove a negative, sling accusations without all of the facts? Great job!

    Btw, why are you accusing a fellow Republican of committing a felony without any proof? I’d expect that from NLS, not a fellow GOPer.

    Lists get moved around and shared all the time. Typically it’s a vendor who serves a campaign takes one campaign’s list, ads it to their database, then they rent that database to other campaigns.

    If Pete is using the same vendor Victory used, they’re fishing the same database. Not necessarily the fault if Snyder for LG, and a hell of a lot more innocent then you’re insinuating.

  2. Come on guys LL is just asking a question. No more annoying or offensive than all the the junk mail and annoying phone calls we get from these candidates during the course of their campaigns. What’s one more nail across the chalk board among Virginia Republicans?

  3. Doug, those responses above are just like canaries in a coalmine. The political canary works in reverse, revealing the opposite effect, however . Methane silences the birds… while tossing a horshoe “ringer” excites this type and they’ll let you know when you’re close, because of the anguished cries trying to deflect a conclusion.

  4. Snyder was way busier with self-promotion during the Election, and to be frank, he is pretty much the poster boy for the establishment-run candidate. I had to leave the room when he started in on “the establishment” at a recent meeting, because I began to laugh loudly.

    1. Of course. Pete was Bolling’s choice to be his Lt. Governor. Snyder was made Victory Chair so he go around the state introducing himself to republicans since no one had ever heard of him prior to 2012. He had a year to tell people all about himself. Surely you heard one of Pete’s ‘Victory’ speeches where he spent 20 minutes talking about himself. He’s Bolling’s guy. Bolling would become Governor, with Pete waiting in the wings to be the next Governor.

      Pete was chosen by Bolling and McDonnell, and not by Cuccinelli. Things didn’t quite work out for the Bolling/Snyder campaign. But it’s not too late for them to prevail at getting Pete elected to the LG spot and then in 4 years they get their team back in with Pete at the top of the ticket. They still have lots of people on their team in Richmond. Cuccinelli’s the outsider, not Pete. He’s one of them, one of the powers that be in Richmond. But keep that under your hat, the Snyder camp is claiming that they have broken up with Bolling and McDonnell, ever since they passed that big tax increase that the voters don’t like. Yeah. That’s the ticket. That’s their (current) story and they’re sticking to it!

    2. Be careful Chris, someone will be along any minute to say that isn’t true. But why wouldn’t it be? Pete was Bolling’s choice for his LG. Why wouldn’t his staff people go to work for Pete after Bolling dropped out? Not that there’s anything wrong with that………

  5. LL,

    It is appropriate to point out that a candidate appears to be using a particular mailing list, and even to suggest that it could have come from a particular source. But it is not clear whether the list was taken, or simply provided by a vendor who rightfully possessed the list.

    And of course, generally avoid NLS as a source . . .

  6. To answer the article’s question, Snyder’s business is “social media marketing” and his top Virginia donor is a marketing list seller. It stands to reason that your personal information is being bought and sold and Snyder is in the market as a expert buyer.

  7. @Chris Beer

    Other than Marissa, please name the ton of staffers working on Snyder’s campaign who also worked for Bill Bolling? I mean since there are a ton of ex Bolling staffers you should be able to name them right? I can count one out of a dozen staffers currently employed by Pete.

  8. Oh silly you, this isn’t about the truth or reality. This is about Jeanine Martin’s OBSESSION with Pete. Thats all this can be chalked up to. She never posts about anyone else in either AG or LG race but Pete and seems to always want to talk about him. She is either getting paid or working for a campaign for spending hours a day stalking Pete to most half cracked articles online.

  9. And no doubt they would have put in writing that it came from the RPV, courtesy of Pat Mullins and Bill Bolling. No doubt.

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