Pete Snyder for U.S. Senate?

Yesterday’s April Fool’s post about me running for the U.S. Senate was apparently taken seriously by many more people than I expected.  I have had to spend more time tamping down interest from Republican activists and consultants (seriously!) than I ever thought I would.

I just got off the phone with a friend who called to see if the post was real or an April Fool’s joke.  After I assured her that it was the latter and not to go setting up meet and greets or fundraisers among the D.C. lobbyist community for me that she offered to do, we started talking about who the GOP should run against Mark Warner next year.  Everything that I wrote in my original post aside from me running was accurate.

To say that Mark Warner’s first-term in the Senate has been underwhelming and without notable accomplishment would be an understatement.  Aside from lending his name to a couple of the countless (and typically meaningless) bipartisan “Gang of [insert varying number of senators here]” groups, he has done nothing.  He has not lifted a finger to reduce the tax and debt burdens on our families.  He has not put forward solutions to alleviate our crushing traffic congestion.

What he has done is vote to approve Obamacare which has only led to increased insurance premiums and skyrocketing regulations that threaten to strangle the best health care system in the world.

Mark Warner does not understand the plight of the middle class.  How could we expect him to do so?  After all, he got rich early in life trading on inside information gained as a congressional staffer, a practice that is now illegal.  Ever since then, all he has sought to do is get elected to the Senate — not because he wanted to do something, but because he wanted to be someone.

That is not the kind of senator that Virginians need.

After we tossed around a couple names (as Gov. McDonnell does not seem to be inclined to enter the race) — Bill Bolling, Artur Davis, some of the other LG candidates — we got to Pete Snyder. At that point, it just clicked.

If Snyder does not secure the LG nomination next month, it might not be all for naught. He has certainly built up name I.D. and good will with this campaign and shown that he can fundraise. Sure we’ve made a few jokes at his expense here, but overall he is a likable individual who is handling his first political campaign well.

I would like to see him stop just mentioning “Big Ideas” and actually discuss what those ideas are and how they would improve the lives of Virginians. At the PWC GOP convention a few weeks ago, he talked about “big ideas” and then never elaborated on what those ideas are, but he proceeded to yield back nearly 5 minutes of his alotted time. He has begun to lay them out on his website, but they could use some more meat on the bones.  Even then, Snyder has “more there there” than Warner ever has when it comes to policy.

Snyder is telegenic (more so than Warner), hails from Northern Virginia, and has his own ties to Virginia’s business and hi-tech communities to counter Warner’s.  If there is anyone on the GOP bench better suited to defeat Warner than Pete Snyder, his or her name escapes me at the moment.  Pete Snyder may very well be the GOP’s 2014 version of the Dem’s 2006 Jim Webb – an underdog who goes on to become an unlikely giant slayer.


13 thoughts on “Pete Snyder for U.S. Senate?

  1. We do have several congressmen in Virginia. They have a record.

    They are in safe seats so if they give up a congressman seat to run for the Senate, we are unlikely to lose the congressional seat.

    1. There’s Riley’s point, but more importantly–does, say, a Goodlatte give up being Chair of one of the most important Committees? Does Cantor want to trade next in line for Speaker for being a Senate back bencher? Forbes has enough seniority that he should do nicely during the next shuffle, and Wolf’s just too damned old to move. That leaves Griffith, Rigell and Wittman. Rigell probably won’t play well in the sticks given his recent gun talk, and I think Griffith would rather build up some street cred in the House (he himself gave up a pretty big opportunity to move to D.C.) Wittman already chairs a subcommittee. Everybody always throws the Congress-critters names out there, but the calculus is never quite right.

  2. You DO have a good public persona Jim, although US Senate is a bit of a stretch. And while on the subject, many of the comments you make are debatable and fall, in my opinion, the the extremes warned about in Gov Jindal’s recent admonitions. I think Senator Warner has done an outstanding job in representing Virginia, and especially organizing “gangs” to get things done in a Senate that is run by the likes of “Mitch” …………… what a ghastly nightmare of a “leader”

    1. But those gangs have proven to be ineffective and do not get things done. Plus the Senate is run by Harry Reid and has been since Jan. 2007.

  3. Senate…… about not getting things done…….Reid doesnt run everything with Mitch and Co. standing in the wings screwing everything up………..Warner is royalty compared to the sleazebags in the Rep. leadership!!! just my humble opinion……….

  4. Warner and Pete could compete for ‘best hair’ on a candidate running for Senate. With Pete’s dazzlingly white teeth, he would win ‘best smile’ hands down.

  5. Hum, interesting thought, but its widely rumored that Pete has agreed to support Mike Farris in his bid for this Senate seat. Farris has thrown down a marker for this nomination already and Pete is on board with it I understand.

  6. Mike Farris, the same Mike Farris who endorsed Scott York for Chairman in Loudoun? If Farris is thinking that York and Snyder can deliver republicans, he’s got another think coming!

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