Stewart Prods PWC To Oppose COG’s Anti-Second Amendment Resolution

Good work, Corey! Now let’s see who else on the PWC Board steps up to the plate on this.

Chairman Corey Stewart Calls Upon COG to Take Action
For Immediate Release
April 2, 2013

PRINCE WILLIAM, VA – Prince William County Chairman Corey Stewart will introduce a resolution this evening threatening to withhold county contributions to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) unless the organization reverses resolution R3-2013, which advocates restricting Second Amendment Rights of Prince William County and Virginia residents.

Chairman Stewart stated, “COG’s resolution oversteps the functions and the goals of COG. The purpose of COG is to discuss and work toward attaining agreement on local issues directly affecting the National Capital Region, not to try and limit our Second Amendment Rights. Our taxpayers do not need or expect COG to veer from its core mission and become distracted with the gun control debate.”

Corey Stewart is currently the Chairman At-Large of Prince William County. Prince William County is located in Northern Virginia and is the Commonwealth of Virginia’s second largest county with a population of approximately 425,000 residents.


2 thoughts on “Stewart Prods PWC To Oppose COG’s Anti-Second Amendment Resolution

  1. More of Corey’s evil work!! COG is NOT limiting 2nd Amendment Rights………..just trying to protect area citizens…….btw………….just exactly what does Corey not like about COG’s statement? duh???? Does anyone know if he got a “second” on this on Tuesday? I heard him say on 1103.5 that the matter is none of “COGs damn business.” Sounds to me like a bitter and desperate attempt tto revive his failing campaign for Lt. Governor!!!!

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