Why did Mike Farris endorse Pete Snyder?

In 2011, conservative republicans in Loudoun were surprised and puzzled by Mike Farris’ support of Scott York for Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.  Mike Farris, Chancellor of Patrick Henry college and chairman of the Home School Legal Defense League Association is known as a solid conservative.  So why did he support Scott York in Loudoun over the true conservative, Steve Stockman?  A couple of weeks ago Farris endorsed Pete Snyder for Lt. Governor.  Again, conservatives were puzzled.  Why Pete Snyder, the man with no record as a conservative, or anything else?  Why would Mike Farris support Pete over known conservatives like Susan Stimpson,  E.W. Jackson, and Scott Lingamfelter?

Now we’ve learned the reason for both of these endorsements.  It’s widely rumored that Mike Farris intends to run for Senate next year against Mark Warner.  It’s also rumored that Pete Snyder and Mike Farris have agreed to trade endorsements.  Mike Farris will support Pete Snyder this year for Lt. Governor, and next year Pete will endorse Mike for Senate.   No doubt, Mike made the same deal with Scott York.   If Mike Farris intends to run for Senate next year against Mark Warner, having the endorsement of the Loudoun Chairman of the board, and the Lt. Governor, would be a great start in a campaign for the republican nomination for Senate.



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