The Real Reason Why Mike Farris Endorsed Pete Snyder

In what to many would be “breaking news,” a post in Virginia Virtucon insinuated that Mike Farris endorsed Pete Snyder for Lieutenant Governor in an effort by Farris shore up support for a 2014 US Senate bid.

Willie Deutsch lays out exactly why Mike Farris endorsed Pete Snyder – it’s because Snyder built a relationship with Farris, worked hard on the issues that matter, and showed that he was willing to fight for social issues even if the powers that be tried to rein him in:

If you are interested in understanding why Mike Farris endorsed Pete Snyder, let’s take a look at their history. One thing Pete Snyder did a very good job of as Victory Director was social conservative outreach. At times when Boston was clamping down on social conservative outreach, Pete Snyder repeatedly stood up and pushed back against Boston to give social conservatives working for Victory the leeway they needed to do their job. As part of that outreach he worked hard to reach out to Mike Farris. Mike Farris was very much on the fence in 2012. It was the direct result of Pete Snyder’s outreach to Mike Farris that set up his one-on-one meeting with Mitt Romney. The meeting with Mitt Romney and Pete Snyder’s outreach were crucial to Mike Farris deciding to vote for Mitt Romney.

This relationship with Pete Snyder developed into a working relationship on Mike Farris’s most important issue. Over the last half dozen years Mike Farris’s top issue has been the assault on parental rights. He started, went back to school for an LLM in international law, and has generally poured more energy into this issue than any other single issue.

The insinuation in the previous post that Farris’s endorsement was conditioned on a backing by Snyder for a previously unheard of Senate run isn’t just innocent speculation. It’s an outright accusation that the endorsement was a bribe aimed at kneecapping Mike Farris all because some people don’t agree with his endorsement.

Republicans can disagree with candidates within their own party. They can even disagree with endorsements made. But the moment we begin to engage in the politics of personal assassination in an effort to score points in an ongoing battle against a candidate we go too far.

Are we to begin to attack every endorsement that is made of candidates we do not support? We saw this in last year’s U.S. Senate primary as candidates and campaigns lashed out at organizations and individuals who they thought should have backed them.


Conventions and Primaries can be contentious. Feelings will get hurt and egos may get bruised. But we can not burn bridges within our own party in an effort to score points.

The previous post made assumptions and cast aspersions on Mike Farris’s reasons for endorsing Pete Snyder, ignoring the history between the two men. It created “proof” of endorsement but to what end? By trying to weaken Pete Snyder, the post attacked Mike Farris, a man who deserves better than this. Especially among fellow Republicans.


10 thoughts on “The Real Reason Why Mike Farris Endorsed Pete Snyder

  1. There was no bribe. One politician supports another politician. I scratch your back this year, you scratch my back next year. It’s a rather common practice in politics and not particular surprising to anyone.

    Conservatives didn’t need an endorsement of Pete Snyder to show them who Mike Farris is. They saw that when Mike Farris endorsed Scott York in Loudoun. That’s when they learned who Mike Farris really is. That’s why Farris’s support of Pete surprised few conservatives.

    1. But there is no proof of any backscratching arrangement. You imply some sort of grand bargain while citing a “rumor” perpetuated only by you while completely dismissing Farris’s ability to make an endorsement on principle. Pete Snyder’s delegates all like him too, are they all running for public office?

    2. I might be able to buy this argument if Farris hadn’t also endorsed Scott York and if there were not other people running who have a solid conservative record while Pete’s is rather meager. Of course all the rumors could be completely wrong. We’ll find out within the year.

  2. Are you saying that without Snyder’s interference, Farris would have voted for Obama? WOW! How VERY interesting! No doubt republicans will be very interested to know that! York, Snyder, and Obama? Amazing.

  3. If you read any of the extensive posts Mike Farris made on facebook, he was very reluctant to support Romney. He sure as heck wasn’t going to vote for Obama, but he was definitely considering his third party options through the summer of 2012. Stop insinuating things about Mike Farris and read what he has written and try to understand him before attacking him. He has one of the most extensive records of being a conservative activist in the state of anyone in VA.

    1. You’ll have to forgive me for not following the ups and downs of Mike Farris’s struggles with his voting decisions. It’s nice that he decided in the end to support our candidate. Considering the election results in Virginia, his decision had no impact on voters. Snyder’s time might have been better spent introducing other Virginians to Romney.

      I have to wonder which third party Farris was considering voting for? If Romney wasn’t conservative enough for Farris, why did he endorse York??! And now Snyder?! Consistency doesn’t appear to be his forte. In his own district, will Farris endorse the liberal Joe May or the conservative Dave LaRock? Perhaps he is still wrestling with that choice.

      Yes, I am well aware that Farris has an extensive record as a conservative, making his support of York and Snyder all the more puzzling. But no doubt they will be a big help to Farris in making the connections that he will need with the money crowd, big business and developers. York and Snyder both have extensive connections with the moneyed crowd. Farris will need their financial help to run for office. Unfortunately, that’s just a fact of life in politics.

  4. Lovettsville Lady, I got news for you. I believe a lot of conservative Christians sat out this last presidential election. We’re tired of voting for the lesser of two evils.

  5. Look… The truth here is that Farris likes to tout that his good friend George Allen and he have real history. Indeed they do. Farris made the blithering mistake of running for the LG alongside of Allen in what?? 97??
    Bussed three legions of the college’s best and brightest to Richmond for the Convention. They stole the show…and then in the ACTUAL election, Don Beyer’s (the volvo salesman) CRUSHED them.
    Fast forward to the Presidential race of last year. Snyder spends most of his Victory campaign introducing himself to legions across the State on Mitt Romney’s (and those “special” republican consultant’s) dime.

    And in all that time, do you know who was “dissed” and didn’t get a dime of Snyder’s money???
    George Allen.

    Excuse me, but I’ve got Pete figured and I’m staying far away from anyone who can be duped by this slickster.
    Claim to be the outsider while getting your checks from the “consultants” who stepped on the throats of the grassroots.

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