Dave LaRock Kicks off Loudoun Campaign for Delegate in Virginia’s 33rd District

On Tuesday evening my friend Dave LaRock kicked off his campaign in Loudoun against 20 year incumbent, Joe May.   The event at Magnolia’s Mill in Purcellville was very quickly filled, with people standing in the back back of the room 3 rows deep, then spilling into the hall and into the bar.  It was packed!  So many patriots who want a conservative to represent them in the House of Delegates!  Dave’s message of lower taxes, pro life, and a government that works for us to improve our lives, rather than impede our lives, was very, very, well received.  Howie Lind, former chairman of the republican 10th district, introduced and enthusiastically endorsed Dave.

I learned a few things about my current representative in Richmond.  Not only did he vote TWICE this year for the largest tax increase in Virginia’s history, in 2004, he voted for the previous largest tax hike in Virginia!  He helped Mark Warner to pass that tax increase when he was the tie breaking vote!  Joe May has a long history of support for tax increases.  A republican who has the dubious distinction of helping to pass the two largest tax increases in the history of Virginia!    I also learned that Joe May has a record on abortion that would make any democrat proud, with a 75% rating from NARAL!   How can anyone who calls himself a republican have a voting record like this?  It’s stunning.   Contrast that to Dave LaRock a father of 7 children,  who is 100% pro life and very proud to say so.   Dave is also 100% in support of the 2nd Amendment and our right to bear arms.  As a home school parent, Dave very much supports school choice.

Dave LaRock will represent the voters in Richmond, not the big builders, developers,  businesses, and other special interest groups that have well funded Joe May for the past 20 years.  That’s who has benefited from Joe May’s tenure.  With Dave LaRock, the people will benefit.  He will NOT vote for massive tax increases and wasteful government programs because he knows that every time the government takes more of our money we lose more of our liberties.  He knows that families just can’t take more tax increases and they don’t want more government interfering in their lives.   He is the grassroots candidate.  It’s a grassroots campaign by the people and for the people.

To learn more about Dave, and to help with his campaign for our freedom, go here.  You can also find him on Facebook, here. 


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