Dems Attack Cuccinelli For Prosecuting Sexual Predator

“It is sad and unfortunate the day has come that Democrats attack someone for protecting children from sexual predators. This case is about prosecuting a 47 year-old man who solicited sexual acts from a 17 year-old girl. It’s appalling Terry McAuliffe and his cronies would stoop this low.” – Cuccinelli Campaign Spokeswoman Anna Nix.

Virginia Democrats and their gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe are all up in arms that Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is defending the state’s anti-sodomy law in a case where a sexual predator solicited an under-age girl.

Virginia’s so-called “crimes against nature” law served as the basis for William Scott MacDonald’s felony conviction. A judge in Colonial Heights convicted MacDonald, then 47, of criminal solicitation for allegedly demanding oral sex from a 17-year-old girl. That was in 2005, two years after the landmark Lawrence v. Texas decision effectively struck down anti-sodomy laws in that state and several others.

“It is shameful that Virginia continued to prosecute individuals under the sodomy statute for 10 years after the Supreme Court held that such laws are unconstitutional,” said Rebecca Glenberg of the ACLU of Virginia, which filed a friend-of-the-court brief urging the court to invalidate the law. “This ruling should bring an end to such prosecutions.”

McAuliffe and his crude friends on the extreme left are trying to make this about sexual freedom / gay rights and try to score some cheap political points by attempting to paint Cuccinelli as some kind of radical for appealing the court’s decision. (The ACLU’s Glenberg obviously missed the part of the Supreme Court decision where it only applied to consenting adults, not pedophiles.)

Cuccinelli’s constitutionally-mandated job as Attorney General is to defend the laws of the Commonwealth, which is what he is doing here. The Attorney General post is not part of the legislative branch where the debate over the merits of such laws can be waged (unlike our President and U.S. Attorney General who routinely ignore laws that they disagree with instead of attempting to amend or repeal them.)

This is about one case in particular and you either stand with the victim or the predator.  I’m glad to be supporting the gubernatorial candidate who is seeking to protect the victim.


6 thoughts on “Dems Attack Cuccinelli For Prosecuting Sexual Predator

  1. A new low for the Democrat Party. However, for anyone who has actually been paying attention, it’s not a big surprise.

  2. “Sins against nature” had been struck down, therefore it wasn’t illegal. What was illegal was to solicit a minor for sex.

    Has anyone told Ken Cooch that oral sex isn’t illegal?

    Let’s be truthful. The objection is trying to convict people on charges that aren’t illegal. Arrest the POS on something else.

  3. Fascinating question, isophorone. Of course, the overwhelming majority of them appear to be secular humanists and as such, there is very little basic morality (one can’t impose one’s moral views on what is right and what is wrong on someone else, dont’cha know!)

  4. This is little surprise. After all, Democrats had nothing to say when Jerry Brown, as California AG, violated his oath of office when he refused to defend Proposition 8 against challenge, or when President Barry refused to defend DOMA. These people can’t defend basic morality. Why is anyone surprised when they criticize following legal ethics, or one’s oath of office?

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