InsideNOVA, Potomac Local, BVBL, and The Sheriff of Nottingham in PWC have all already weighed in on Potomac Supervisor Maureen Caddigan’s letter to Dumfries Mayor Jerry Foreman.  Here’s something that none of them have touched on yet, though.  The letter was sent by Mrs. Caddigan’s staffer via email not just to Mayor Foreman, but to the entire Dumfries Town Council, the town manager, and three county employees including the county executive, deputy county executive, and county attorney. (Email addresses have been partially obscured to deter spammers.)

From: “Grasso, Lynne D.” <lgrasso@pwcgov.%%%>
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2013 16:13:41 -0400
To: Jerry Foreman<gmforeman@%%%%%.%%%>
Cc: <dtaber@%%%%%.%%%>; <honwtoney@%%%%%.%%%>; <hongwashington@%%%%%.%%%>; Council Lady Reyonlds<honhreynolds@%%%%%.%%%>; Councilman Brewer<honcbrewer@%%%%%.%%%>; <honkforrester@%%%%%.%%%>; <hondwood@%%%%%.%%%>; Roltsch, Susan L.<sroltsch@pwcgov.%%%>; Peacor, Melissa S.<mpeacor@pwcgov.%%%>; Horan, Angela M.<ahoran@pwcgov.%%%>
Subject: Mayor Foreman/Town of Dumfries Council Meeting

Attachment: Mayor Foreman April 2013 DOC 378 KB

Now take a look at the actual letter.

Foreman Letter

Really?  These rants (which are clearly intended as a personal communication) had to be committed to paper with the official county seal and sent to all these people?  This erratic behavior is becoming more and more embarassing by the incident (and we all thought that the last one where she called county citizens “despicable” for volunteering on another supervisor’s budget committee was bad.)  In this case, Mayor Foreman had put forward a legitimate, professional criticism regarding the relationship between the county and the town.  Caddigan then turned it around to try and make it into some personal attack against her and in doing so personally attacked Foreman.

This foolishness must end.


2 thoughts on “Embarassing

  1. Ms. Caddigan appears fully within protocol to send this note to ALL who may have heard the Mayor’s comments. If she is so offended by the Mayor’s actions, she certtainly needs to set the record straight with all who may have been at the meeting…………..YOUR pouncing on Caddigan seems inappropriate, and like many of your comments, a HUGE stretch!!!!

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