Joe May Stretches the Truth so Thin, It Breaks

Joe May has a new palm card printed for the June 11th primary against Dave LaRock.  Several things immediately jumped out at me.   Joe May claims to have “Put $4 billion over three years in road and transit projects across every region of the Commonwealth–including right here in Northern Virginia”.  Really?  Where did Joe May get this money?  It didn’t fall from the sky, it came from our pockets!  And where on earth did the money go?  For four BILLION taxpayer dollars we should have noticed major changes with big improvements in traffic in Virginia.  Has anyone noticed that?  Has your commute improved?  Do you see new roads?  Is the metro less crowded?  What exactly did our $4 BILLION buy us? Can we expect the same results from the next $6 BILLION in transportation taxes that Joe just voted for? No noticeable improvement in roads or traffic?   A total of $10 BILLION in our taxes and what new roads have been built in NOVA?  There are no new roads and no roads are proposed.  So exactly how will traffic be improved in NOVA?  We’ve never received  any answers to those questions.

Joe also claims to be pro life, despite a 75% approval rating from NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League).  Sure sounds like he’s voted FOR abortion, 75% of the time.  He’s hardly pro life!

It gets worse.  On this palm card Joe May makes the claim that he has “Stretched transportation dollars without raising taxes by taking advantage of the lowest construction prices in decades”.   He hasn’t stretched anything but the truth.  The reality is, Joe May has voted to raise our taxes not once, not twice, but four times he has voted to raise taxes  over the last 11 years.

Joe May has quite a record for someone claiming to be a conservative!  It’s a good thing that voters have an alternative and can vote for a rock solid conservative on June 11, Dave LaRock. 


14 thoughts on “Joe May Stretches the Truth so Thin, It Breaks

  1. Joe May has represented me for 20 years, and I think it is refreshing that he understands that if you want something, you have to pay for it. That is something that national politicians just don’t understand…… they just keep on borrowing and borrowing, unwilling to either cut or raise taxes. While I despise taxes as much as anyone, a gas tax is a user fee for driving on our roads. Joe May understands that

    Dave LaRock is just another opportunistic politician, looking for personal power by attacking a good and principled statesman. If the citizens of the 33rd district are so blinded by a ranting exploitationist such as LaRock, I fear for the long term success of our commonwealth and our country.

    I’ve read this blog for a long time, and I’ve found it to be an informative source for conservative thoughts and opinions, but it seems as if it is now dedicated solely to attack Joe May. One or two posts sharing your opinions are one thing, but almost every single post fawning over LaRock is tiring.

    1. I would agree if I knew what I was paying for. I might agree if we were getting new roads. I might agree if this $10 BILLION actually went to something that would make our lives better. I might agree if this $10 BILLION would ease commutes in Loudoun county. We’ve heard nothing like that! We aren’t getting even one new road to help with traffic!

      Richmond already had enough money. That’s not the problem. The problem is using wisely the money that they have. They need to prioritize how they use our money. I have seen no justification for the massive tax increase that is coming our way in July. They didn’t even LOOK to see what might be cut, if their priority was putting money into transportation.

      If Joe May was a conservative he would have proposed some alternatives to this massive tax increase when he was in Richmond. He didn’t.

      I agree that a gas tax is a user tax and I have no problem with user taxes. But that’s exactly what this bill CUTS, the gas tax that the user pays! It increases sales tax on EVERYTHING else, except the gas tax AND it increases 20% more for those of us in NOVA. Again with no new roads proposed. Not one. It’s all backwards! Why are we paying more for a pair of shoes, and diapers for the baby, to fund a ‘transportation’ bill that provides no new roads?! If it’s really about roads, then the users of the roads should be paying higher gas taxes! The struggling mom shouldn’t be paying more for school supplies! This is quite simply, a terrible, ridiculously expensive, bill to raise taxes by massive amounts.

      May has represented me too and shame on me for not having looked at how he really votes. I won’t make that mistake again! By voting for Dave LaRock, I know that he will prioritize spending and not just raise taxes. I know that he has a very good economic adviser who understands how the government works and how higher taxes hurt our families, our economy, our state, and our liberties.

    2. I have not read all the previous posts so I can not comment accurately on them. However, I did find it ironic that you were bothered by what I am presuming were negative posts about May only to include personal attacks on LaRock. Your post called May’s opponent an “opportunistic politician” and “a ranting exploitationalist”.

      I am a conservative voter. I appreciate those elected officials who have faithfully represented our communities (and country). I am not necessarily against a public servant who has been in office for a long time either (ex. I am glad Wolf is still representing us in the House of Representatives). But, I also don’t think a person is an opportunist simply for running against a 20 year incumbant!

    3. What is pragmatic about being part of the cabal that doubled the size of the Virginia State Governments budget since 2004? Was such growth pragmatically necessary?

      What is pragmatic about having the grown in spending outpace the growth in the statewide GDP by a factor of three? Is such growth pragmatically sustainable?

      What is pragmatic about tarnishing – hell destroying – the GOP brand name that ought to stand for fiscal restraint by voting for the largest tax hike in the states history? Was this a pragmatic political play, considering how badly it alienated the base of the party? Romney and McCain lost because the party faithful and the conservative base did not go out and vote.

      What is pragmatic about showing your colors by engaging in ad hominem attack on Joe Mays opponent?

    4. If you run a total on the pork projects that Joe May’s transportation committee has approved you’ll find they total about $6 billion. These are low impact projects which will provide ZERO return in the taxes we pay. That is bad management. And keep in mind $450 million to Dulles Rail is just two years-two payments- just the beginning.

      JOE MAY REFUSES TO FIX WHAT IS BROKEN: In this session, the House of Delegates:
      Rejected increased representation of Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads on the Commonwealth Transportation Board, the VDOT agency that decides which projects are funded. The current CTB favors districts drawn from the 1930’s.
      Refused to stop wasteful spending on roads and transit projects we don’t need.
      $1.4 Billion for a 55 mile toll road parallel to existing Rt. 460 (Suffolk to Prince George)
      $1.3 Billion to finish and four- lane Rt. 58 to the intersection of I-77/I-81, a road that carries only 7,900 cars daily
      $2.8 billion for the “Coalfields Expressway” in rural Southwest Virginia
      $450 million for the Dulles Rail Project to take a few pennies off tolls for a few years
      Declined to alter the decades old transportation funding formula for the allocation of money to VDOT construction districts. This will perpetuate the practice of funding rural rather than urban areas. Apparently, if rural law makers vote for these higher taxes, they have been assured that the funding formula will remain intact.

      Read more here:

    5. PP,
      You obviously haven’t yet met Dave LaRock. If you had you would immediately know that this man is anything BUT a power hungry person. There is nothing opportunistic about Dave LaRock, nor is he in any way a politician. Joe May is the 20 year politician. Dave LaRock is a humble citizen who wants to help the people in 33rd district rather than enrich the power hungry and money hungry builders and developers. He wants to represent the people rather than the fat cats who contribute to his campaigns, as Joe May has been doing.

      You really should meet Dave. You would immediately know that he NOT a politician. I’m sure that he would be happy to meet you.

    6. Really? This blog is dedicated to attacking Joe May? How odd that you would say that because the Pete Snyder supporters claim that he’s all I ever talk about! I’m obsessed with Pete Snyder, according to them. I don’t know how I manage to find the time to squeeze in posts about Joe May! Stay tuned, I’ve got many more in the pipeline. Joe May has earned quite the reputation over the last 20 years, and much of it isn’t good.

  2. Werd…How very witty of you! Not.
    This is a blog, unless you’re the type who believes that a blog serves as a journalistic occupation.
    Wish the “real” journalist broke HALF of the stories that this blog alone has skillfully uncovered. From Crystal Ball’s scheming in the pump and dump, to a full plethora of other news you won’t be able to read anywhere else because they haven’t uncovered the news yet….stay tuned. This is where you get the real story. less you already knew that …but really didn’t care for the direction that the truth took….

  3. This isn’t the Washington Post, it’s a blog. duh. I’m sure that you know my real name, everyone else does, and Monk has his picture for an avatar!

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