Anti-Pete Snyder Video Surfaces

Pretty clever (and humorous, too.)


5 thoughts on “Anti-Pete Snyder Video Surfaces

  1. Just like Romney, he seems to have all the weaknesses of his opponent that any other GOP nominee would be able attack effectively enough to win.

    Give me a heads up when we get to start discussing the morally-dubious nature of his marketing business. Do you like your personal information being mined, bought and sold as a commodity, with no compensation to you, while you have to deal with additional advertising and marketing annoyances?

    1. Democrats don’t care about that stuff, until it’s them who has their information mined and used. I expect we will hear plenty about that if Pete should win the nomination. We’ll have to work hard to prevent him from dragging down the rest of our ticket.

  2. You know, the mere fact that LL doesn’t like Pete Snyder instinctively makes me like him more………. Doesn’t matter, I’m with E.W. all the way.

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