Pete Snyder spends Half a Million in one quarter in his quest for Lt. Governor!

In the first quarter of this year, Pete Snyder spent $506,499.  That’s a heck of a lot of pork for the Pig Rig! Perhaps Pete’s Rock star tour t-shirts were much more costly than they appear to be!  Other than pork and t-shirts, I have no idea how he spent that much money in one quarter for a party convention nomination.  It’s record setting spending.  Who knew that someone would, or could, spend that much money to win a nomination for Lt. Governor?  It must be a VERY valuable office!

Corey Stewart didn’t outspend Pete but he has a lot more money on hand to spend in the coming weeks before the republican convention on May 18.  Corey has on hand $363,087 to Pete’s $178,647.   Surprisingly, Jeannemarie Davis took in almost as much Pete in the first quarter of this year.  She raised $256,620 to Pete’s $276, 814.  Of course Pete way outspent her, as he outspent everyone.  Pete’s out-of-state donors have really come through for him in this campaign!  It pays to have rich friends in other states!   I have to wonder what their motives are.  Who invests in a campaign for Lt. Governor in another state?  And why?

More details on money and spending here and here.  Pete’s expenses here.  He certainly has a large payroll!    And don’t miss this video on “Virginia” Pete!


7 thoughts on “Pete Snyder spends Half a Million in one quarter in his quest for Lt. Governor!

  1. Um… Davis needed $100k from Tom. Corey barely raised more than EW and Susan (seriously? Wow!) and Pete’s been running a statewide campaign that’s rivaling even the gubernatorial ones. It costs money and maybe it’ll show results.

    1. Wait a minute, last week I was told that I am obsessed with Joe May! I can only be obsessed with one at a time! I’m too busy for all your obsessions! You’ll have to make up your mind!

      BTW, you aren’t fooling anyone ‘dad’! You crack me up!

    1. With a bunch of Romney’s staffers to help out. Check the payroll list, quite a few came directly from the Romney campaign. Pete hires from the Bolling and Romney campaigns, while claiming to be the ‘outsider’. Next thing he’ll be claiming to be just a good ol’ boy from Southside! Even if his company is based in Delaware and he vacations on the Vineyard. Or was it Nantucket? One of those places most Virginia republicans have never visited.

      Based on the video, he IS the outsider in the campaign!

  2. Disgusting! $500,000 in Q1. This is sick. No respect for this.

    Sorry Pete. Love your BBQ, but in an economy that is woefully still suffering in significant ways in parts of Virginia that you have not even been to yet, the money you have spent is an insult to us all.

    Stick with the BBQ, BUT WAIT – where did you get that pig meat from anyway? Are you getting that BBQ meat from a local small family farmer? If you are supporting the local economy with that pig rig, you may earn my consideration, but until you PUBLICLY STATE ON THE RECORD WHERE YOUR PIG MEAT COMES FROM, no thank you pig rig!

    Why don’t you do a commercial that matters? We want to hear from real Virginians with real problems and what you are going to do to fix those problems?

    All the money in the world can’t buy the votes of small farmers that are being strangled off the land in Virginia by bully government.

    At a minimum you could buy your pigs from a SMALL family farmer to show your support.

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