Congressman Allen West Endorses Scott Lingamfelter for Lt. Governor

Congressman Allen West served with Scott Lingamfelter in the Army and has now endorsed his friend for Lt. Governor. As a well known conservative, West’s endorsement is a big one for the Lingamfelter campaign.   Scott has also been endorsed by another well known conservative, Senator Dick Black.

Congressman West’s endorsement may be found here.  It’s well worth reading.

UPDATE:  We can add two more endorsements to Scott’s list, Virginia Delegates Steve Landes and Charles Poindexter.  More here on their endorsements.


11 thoughts on “Congressman Allen West Endorses Scott Lingamfelter for Lt. Governor

  1. I like Scott and may vote for him even though i am a moderate!!. West, he’s a much different story……..

  2. I would be very careful about touting a West endorsement.
    Goes for Dick Black as well, but not quite to the same degree perhaps.

  3. Since it is conservative republicans, in a convention, who will choose our nominee for Lt. Governor, the endorsements by West and by Dick Black are significant.

    How did West betray the Tea Party? It will be very interesting to see who they endorse next week.

  4. I:snt West a bottom line wacko? I stopped following him when he started calling people Communists??? Run Scott, runnnnnn (away from West)

    1. The Monk…….The Ken (not cooch) is leaning to voting for Scott also. Scott evidently has an eclectic following!!!

  5. Neither West not Tancredo should hurt in the unusual context of delegates to the nominating convention. Either could be fatal in the general. Both probably most certainly are. Of course, the Dems could do their usual thing and oblige us with a completely weak candidate.

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