Rob Bell Maintains Massive Fundraising Edge in AG Race

The Virginia Public Access Project released its numbers in the Attorney General Race for the period ending on April 15, 2013.

Candidate Raised
Rob Bell (Republican) $937,850
Mark Obenshain (Republican) $430,663

Delegate Rob Bell has more than doubled Senator Mark Obenshain’s fundraising total to date with just 4 short weeks remaining until the Convention.

A closer look at the data reveals that Bell has $553,079.00 to spend as of March 31, 2013 while Obenshain has only $179,487.


2 thoughts on “Rob Bell Maintains Massive Fundraising Edge in AG Race

  1. I’m not at all surprised at this. I met Rob at several find raisers over the last year or two. I can’t count the number of personal contacts he has made over that period. I like his voting record and I see Rob or one of his people at every event I go to….and I go to a lot of events.

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