Martha Boneta Endorses Rob Bell for AG

Martha Boneta has endorsed Delegate Rob Bell for Attorney General.

Ms. Boneta is a farmer and the inspiration for the ‘Boneta Bill.’  This bill, HB1430, sought to strengthen private property rights and was introduced by Delegate Scott Lingamfelter.


Expands the definition of agricultural operations to include the commerce of farm-to-business and farm-to-consumer sales as well as commerce in other related items. The bill creates a rebuttable presumption that an agricultural operation is in compliance with local zoning ordinances when it operates on property that is zoned agricultural. The bill contains a clause providing that the provisions of the bill shall not become effective unless reenacted by the 2014 Session of the General Assembly.

At a January press conference, Ms. Boneta described the ‘Boneta Bill’ which earned:

…national attention  last year for being threatened with fines for hosting a birthday party at her farm for eight 10-year-old-girls without a permit. She ended up paying $500 to appeal these charges brought by a testy bureaucrat with an agenda, who actually said on record that Martha was “out of line” for appealing. And bureaucrats wonder why people despise them.

As outrageous as that was, it’s merely the tip of the iceberg. Martha’s quaint farm store that was open just seven hours per week has been shut down even though she had a business license. The reason? She sold produce, organic tea from herbs in her garden, wool fiber from her rescued sheep and alpacas, postcards with pictures of goats from her farm, necklaces with feathers made from her rescued emus, and homemade pies. Maybe it was the prayers that she and college interns said over the crops and animals that offended the bureaucrat.


4 thoughts on “Martha Boneta Endorses Rob Bell for AG

  1. Martha Boneta has also endorsed conservative Dave LaRock over Joe May in the 33rd district primary on June 11th.

  2. Small family farmers are the heart and soul of Virginia. The rights of small family farmers should be protected passionately, zealously and defended at all costs.

    We are Virginians and if we are not fighting with every drop of blood in our veins to protect the property rights and economic freedoms of our neighbors, our most fundamental rights will be lost forever.

    It should be noted that every republican in the House voted for HB1430- “freedom to farm without fear bill”. All of these delegates should be applauded for fighting to save our property rights. Delegate May also voted for HB1430 and everyone seems to be forgetting that Senator Mark Obenshain is a Warrior of property rights and voted for HB1430 as well!!! Remember that voters!

    Thousands of Virginians from all over the state swarmed Richmond by email, phone calls letters and on foot – some drove over 5 hours in support of small family farmers property rights and economic freedom!

    Any elected official that supported and voted for this bill has my vote and the vote of thousands of Virginians! But in this case both Bell and Obenshain voted for this liberty bill.

    I declare a challenge to both Rob Bell and Mark Obenshain for each of them to vow to do everything possible and take action to pass legislation to get the government boot off the necks of struggling small farmers that just want to keep farming! These are both great men and freedom soldiers. Let the promise to do everything possible for HB1430 to pass in the next GA be the determining factor at the convention!

    My father lost our family farm because he could not make enough money farming to support us kids and pay the farm bills. We need to save our family farms and attract young people to stay on the land by making it profitable. We are scaring off young farmers by abusive over regulation.

    I would give anything to be able to raise my family on the farmland my father had to sacrifice. We must fight to save our small family Virginia farms.

    So Rob and Mark- What will you do to help our small family farmers and to keep local county governments from over regulatory abusive practices on our farms?

  3. This is a true freedom & liberty Bill. Plus it is a bipartisan bill too. The libs support small family farmers and so this Bill may just help carry the votes from the dems to either Bell or Obenshain. Something to think about. Keep beating this small farmer drum. It has long legs and Virginia’s sweetheart has a great smile. Nice to see a young conservative female for a change.

  4. Property Rights + Economic Liberty + Small Family Farms = Virginia

    This is a hot issue and has grown to epic proportions as Virginians continue to crave a victory and resolution.

    Of all the Bills, this one really was the ultimate freedom bill in Virginia and a unifying force across many different groups from Libertarians to property rights activists to economic freedom groups.

    This is the kind of issue that can really bring unity as it strikes at the very core of Virginia’s history and values.

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