Lt. Governor Candidate Susan Stimpson wins the Young Republican Vote!

Earlier today Virginia Young Republicans held their convention in Arlington.  In their straw poll for their choice for Lt. Governor,  Susan Stimpson won easily with an impressive 40.5% of the vote in a field of 7 candidates.  Pete Snyder came in a distant second with 21.5% of the vote.  What makes the vote particularly interesting is Pete’s support is to be found almost exclusively in Northern Virginia (and out of state) and the convention was held in Arlington, the most northern of Northern Virginia, and what should be the very heart of support for Pete Snyder.


12 thoughts on “Lt. Governor Candidate Susan Stimpson wins the Young Republican Vote!

    1. Yes, Alexis, young republicans, old republicans, nearly ALL republican,s are like Dr. Paul and fiscal conservatives who want LOWER TAXES. Susan Stimpson has proven that it can be done.

    1. Yes, Ron Paul people showed up – and not all of us are even voting for Stimpson at the convention (most others are supporting either Stewart or Jackson). And yet, even if the Ron Paul bloc all cumulatively voted for Stimpson, and we received 40% of the vote against a field of 6 other candidates, what does that really say about the lack of energy and lack of direction from the other contingencies within the party? Perhaps that narrative is just as telling.

    2. And? Are you saying that the Ron Paul supporters won’t be at the convention because that would not be accurate. As I recall in last year’s republican primary, Ron Paul received 40% of Republican votes, 107,480 votes. I bet most of those voters are still around and many will be attending the convention.

      Or are you saying that conservatives support Susan Stimpson?

  1. Nevertheless, the overall results are telling: Stimpson 51, Snyder27, Jackson 19, Stewart 19, Lingamfelter 6, Davis 3, Martin 1.

  2. It’s the first straw poll where she’s finished in the top three. Yet the only one VV has blogged about?

    1. Ummmm…….perhaps that’s because the other straw polls were packed with Pete’s staffers making them something less than accurate. Twenty or thirty paid staffers and some volunteers can make a huge difference in a straw poll. At the Young Republican’s Convention, Pete didn’t pack the vote so it was a more accurate straw poll.

    2. Um… Not true. Look at Louisa. Look at Manassas Tea Party. Look at any other straw poll aside from the YRs, who both Stimpson and Snyder have many of on staff. Stimpson finishes 4th or worse. But so does Snyder. But no coverage of those?

      Corey Stewart is winning straw polls. Silence.

      EW Jackson I winning straw polls. Silence.

      I know each blogger in here represents them self but you’re obsession should be an embarrassment to this blog.

  3. Greg P, a statistical summary of the straw poll:
    The drop off in registered to actual delegates is fairly typical of what happens to convention numbers. Many folks just sign up because someone asks them to, and then something comes up or they aren’t very committed to actually going – and so they stay home. We saw this happen twice today (yes, i was there) and I was shocked at both results.

    The fact that only 139 of 243 delegates voted in the straw poll (which merely consisted of taking 10 seconds to write AG & LG picks on the back of their voting ballot) tells me that many folks either aren’t registered as convention delegates, or don’t care enough to be going – and these are young professionals who took an entire (as it turned out) Saturday to come to a statewide party event. We can expect this type of behavior to mirror itself in other party members as well when it comes to actually registering and then showing up at the convention. The fact that these folks cared enough to spend a whole Saturday there tells me that they care, but the fact that they didn’t write a name down while voting on party offices tells me that they simply aren’t planning on being there > hence, this was a good sample of ACTUAL state convention attendees. (or, at least, the best statistical statewide sample we’ve seen so far and will likely see amongst active and involved party members, leading up to the convention)

    This is the first straw poll that has featured an actual statewide sample. Given the distribution of YRFV delegates from around the state fairly closely (in my opinion) mirroring actual delegation strength for localities at the convention, this is a fairly important indicator of where preferences likely lie for candidates in these races. Now, it is important to note that this was republicans under 40, and it in now way takes into account the potential preferences of those over 40, however, if those preferences are in any way remotely similar, i think we may have a good indicator for how the first round or so of balloting may play out, and from there might be able to extrapolate who goes where after candidates drop off and delegates choose other candidates to support.

    Now, we also have the drop off in votes from AG to LG. This was a bit surprising to me as i would’ve expected it to be the other way around (given the much more hotly contested race), but i’ll take a stab at what I think it might mean. The drop off in 13 (roughly 9%) of the votes from AG to LG means that either people care more about the AG race, or (more likely) that they either aren’t entirely satisfied with their choices of candidates in the LG race or that they aren’t sure who they are going with yet – and it could be some of both. (again, these are folks who – after registering as a delegate, showing up to vote, voting and deciding to participate in the straw poll – took the 5 seconds to write in an AG candidate, but not another 5 seconds to write in an LG candidate) again, im kind of surprised that the drop off happened in the LG race, but apparently people are slightly more motivated by the AG race which is surprising. I chose my candidate in that race based off of two very small, seemingly microscopic votes on very largely ignored issues and both candidates are excellent in my opinion. So it’s quite surprising to me that more people voted in the AG poll, whereas there is a very large difference in candidates in the LG poll. (Also, keep in mind that the officers voting results for the YRFV positions were roughly 2:1, so slating and/or only taking favorable folks to the YR convention to participate doesn’t explain these straw poll results either)

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