Joe May–A Tale of two Plates or where does Joe REALLY stand on Life?

Joe May says he’s pro-life. Before you take his word for it, let’s look at his votes on two bills.

The first vote, back in 2003, was on HB 1406 – a bill to allow the issuance of “Choose Life” license plates, and give some of the revenue from these plates to non-profits that provided assistance to crisis pregnancy centers. Sounds great, right? Not to Joe May –he voted against that bill.  Fortunately, the bill passed without Joe’s help. 

Fast-forward to 2010. HB 1108 is introduced – a bill to allow the issuance of a license plate that says “Trust Women/Respect Choice,” and would have originally channeled funds to Planned Parenthood (later amended to the Virginia Pregnant Women Support Fund). Where did May stand on this bill, which was defeated by unified Republicans in the Senate? He voted to pass it twice – in committee and on the House floor, here and here.

What has been the result of the passage of bill that allowed Virginians to choose a “Choose Life” license plate? The bill that Joe voted against?  How has that bill helped pregnant women across the Commonwealth?

As of 3/31/2013:

5,046 Choose Life plates on Virginia roads

$215,945 earned for pregnancy centers

12,701 times Choose Life VA plates sold or renewed

More on the impact of Choose Life plates, here.   It’s been a very successful program to help mothers and babies across the state, a program that Joe May voted AGAINST.   When given a chance to choose life, and to help mothers and infants, Joe May voted NO.

Barbara Dodge, former President of Choose Life Virginia, said this about Joe May,

A Pro-Life conservative should actively work for the total protection of the unborn. In contrast, a legislator, such as Del. Joe May, who voted against “Choose Life” license plates, against HB 462 (informed consent with ultrasound), against Personhood, and earned a 75% NARAL approval rating, is not pro-Life.”

Republicans in  the 33rd District deserve a delegate that consistently fights to defend the right to life of the unborn.  Joe May is not that person.  Dave LaRock is that person, a solid, pro life, conservative who will always support the Right to Life.   Please remember to vote on June 11th for the Pro Life candidate, Dave LaRock!


7 thoughts on “Joe May–A Tale of two Plates or where does Joe REALLY stand on Life?

    1. Who is Maureen and why are you asking her about my stance on Life? Is that important to a discussion on how Joe May votes on our behalf? I have no elected position. Joe was happy to approve some 200 other vanity plates, but not the Choose Life plates, why would that be, unless he is not pro Life?
      I report, you decide.

  1. There is nothing Conservative about taking $$ from the sale of license plates and giving it to ANYONE ! Just re-distribution under a different scheme. This is not a matter of being pro-life or pro-choice, it is a matter of taking tax $$$ and handing it out to groups based on their political beliefs. You, know the standard operating procedure of the Obama administration. If is is bad for them to do it, it is doubly bad for us as conservatives to be opining for the same thing based on nothing more than we like those getting the Gov’t largess.

  2. G, it’s a VOLUNTARY contribution. People pay extra for the plate and the extra money that people contribute, goes to help pregnant women and babies. Most of the special plates work that way. If you buy an NRA plate, some money goes to the NRA. Again, you need not pay the extra money for that plate. If you want to contribute money to help clean up the bay, you can buy a Chesapeake Bay Protection Plate, with a cute blue crab on it. The problem here is that Joe May was happy to approve all those other 200+ special plates, but not the one that many people wanted, Choose Life. May was happy to take money for the anti life plate, “Trust Life/Respect Choice” with money going to the Planned Parenthood. But he voted AGAINST “Choose Life” with money going to help poor pregnant women. He voted for PRO CHOICE plates, but not PRO LIFE plates.

    If you have a problem with the state taking in extra money as well as distributing some of that extra money to 200 different causes with their specialized vanity plates, you need to take that up with the state. The state rather likes the program because they make extra money. Anytime the state makes money without raising my taxes, I’m a happy gal. The special plates are a win-win. A cause that people support gets some of the extra money, and the state gets the majority of it AND it’s 100% voluntary. No one is forced to pay the extra money each year for their plate that supports their causes or interests.

    The point here is that Joe May doesn’t vote pro life and the license plates are but one more example.

    No money for these plates is taken involuntarily like the recent massive tax hikes that Joe May forced upon us. That tax FORCES us to give money to the state with no new roads and no extra lanes in any of our roads in Loudoun. No one has to buy the Choose Life plates and pay the extra fees that go with it to support pregnant women and babies. One is completely voluntary, one is not.

  3. You’re banned until you choose one nic and stick to it. We don’t allow multiple nics talking to themselves. Buh-bye now.

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