Who supports Pete Snyder for Lt. Governor?

Primarily people from outside of Virginia and some in Fairfax, Arlington, and Alexandria.

Looking at Pete’s 93 campaign donors for the last six months of 2012, fewer than half, 42, were from Virginia.  The majority, 51, were from outside Virginia.  By far the largest contributor is the Super PAC, Ending Spending, financed by Nebraska Billionaire, Joe Ricketts.   That PAC contributed a whopping $235,000 in those 6 months.

Of the 42 donors from Virginia, all but 6 live in Fairfax, Arlington and Alexandria.  Only 6 are from other parts of Virginia, one from each of these localities:  Dumfries, Virginia Beach, Roanoke, Harrisonburg, Henrico and Hume.  One person from each of those six locales.   No donors from anywhere else in Virginia, not even one from Loudoun or  Richmond or Blacksburg or Chesapeake or Suffolk.  Not one from anywhere else in Virginia.

Contrast Pete Snyder’s donors to those of candidate Susan Stimpson.  Her candidates during this same time period were 100% from Virginia.   Candidate Scott Lingamfelter’s donors are very similar, with 99% of them being from Virginia.   Corey Stewart’s donors are also overwhelmingly from Virginia with a few donors from out of state.   Why is it only Pete Snyder who has a majority of his support from out of state?  Why do all these out of state donors support a Lt. Governor’s candidate in Virginia?   Just what do these donors from across the country expect from a Virginia Lt. Governor?

My conclusion?  People from out of state support Pete Snyder and some from NOVA.  The rest of the state?  Not so much.   Sounds like he’s the liberal republican’s choice for Lt. Governor.

While we continue to wait for Pete’s Big Ideas to be defined, we can also ponder what kind of beer is in his Pete’s Big Beers.  Perhaps both the Big Ideas and the Big Beers are all in the head!


18 thoughts on “Who supports Pete Snyder for Lt. Governor?

  1. The majority of Stimpson’s money is so local it came from her own home – a $30,000 loan.

    Also, look at VPAP. the inly candidate to be 100% VA in 2012 was EW Jackson. Everyone has support from everywhere.

    Why are you so singularly obsessed with Pete Snyder?

    1. Haha, that’s exactly what the Joe May people say! I’m ‘obsessed’ with him too! My family will be surprised to learn of all these obsessions that they are unaware of!

      Why do all of Pete’s supporters seem to be the same commenter, using exactly the same phrases and same accusations? Just a coincidence I’m sure.

    2. There is NO other candidate for Lt. Governor who gets the majority of their money from out of state. For the other candidates, it’s not even close. Nor do they get their in state money from only Fairfax, Arlington, and Alexandria. It is what it is. Perhaps you can explain why.

  2. Also, a larger % of Snyder’s $$$s this quarter came from instate than Cuccinelli’s. Why do you hate Ken Cuccinelli?

    1. There is a big difference between the nominating fight and the general election. Cuccinelli is raising money in what is a nationally prominent race against McAuliffe. Outside money is expected.

      The lt Gov. race is at the state party convention level with six other candidates for a position with somewhat limited powers. The Lt. Gov. nominee will receive some outside money for the general election, but not much.

      Looking at the Virginia fundraising for all the Lt. Gov. candidates, all of them have very limited geographic bases of monetary support.

      My concern regarding the money for Snyder is: if all the LG candidates have limited breadth in monetary support, what are the underlying desires of Snyder’s large out of state contributors in being involved in his campaign?

      FWIW Snyder is in the middle of the pack for my vote at the convention.

    2. The question is why are outside donors interested in a Republican PRIMARY contest. In particular, this “Ending Spending Fund” would arguably achieve its stated objectives better with another candidate, as Snyder has no record at all as an officeholder.

      The interest is clearly to support Snyder in particular and not the stated objective of reducing spending. So there’s deception in the mix along with the ethnically dubious act of interfering in an election those donors can’t vote in and which doesn’t affect them.

      What’s the quid they are expecting for their pro quo? Until I know the answer to that question, Snyder is dead last on my list. As anyone who has been following me knows, I am no fan at all of JMDD, but I would vote for her unhesitatingly against Snyder because she’s up front about who she is and what she is about.

      Snyder is all marketing and has yet to state a compelling reason why he chose to join a very crowded field in this LG race.

    3. Greg P., Since there are only two Governors running in this off year, it is logical that conservative groups across the country would be supporting Ken Cuccinelli, much like thousands of conservatives from across the country who supported Scott Walker in Wisconsin. Support for a Lt. Governor candidate in a primary is quite different. I don’t recall ANY Lt. Governor primary candidate, in any state, getting support like this from out of the state. Perhaps it’s happened and you can share that with us and share with us why that candidate attracted so much out of state interest.

      Can you tell us why so many out-of-state people support this one LG candidate, Pete Snyder? And why within the state he’s only supported by people very close to Washington DC? It’s curious, and we’re curious.


  3. Watch it Alexis, you’ll soon be charged with being obsessed with Pete! You have stated very well my concerns, and those of many others. We really don’t know anything about Ol’ Pete or how he would govern. Do these out of state people and groups know something about Pete that we don’t know?

    1. The only thing Snyder-related that I can be fairly charged with being obsessed with is my puzzlement that the red flags I see aren’t obvious to everyone. Candidate with no public record supported primarily by people who don’t have a lawful stake in the game… are people so mind-numbed that that doesn’t raise alarm in every delegate’s mind?

  4. All of these comments are amazing. Let me set the record strait,and stop all this garbage.Pete is a MILLIONAIRE “H E L O ” HE could fund every campaign in the race himself. So he has very well to do friends all over the country when has that ever been a so called RED FLAG. b.t.w last I checked Corey Stewart was winning the $$$$$ race.People crawl out from under the rock you live in and get some sunshine,it might not help but it’s a start….

    1. A person can easily be a millionaire without having a half-million in liquid funds, or wanting to spend his own money on the endeavor. You don’t get to be a millionaire in the first place by spending your own money when you can get it from somewhere else. Most millionaires in net worth don’t have that kind of cash just laying around, most of it will be tied up in some asset or other.

      Doesn’t the question of why a PAC funded almost exclusively from two people who live in Wyoming and Nevada gets involved in a GOP LG primary race in Virginia raise any questions at all in your mind?

  5. Why so much HATE ? If you do not like PETE that is fine. If it were me I would say, either get on board or GET OUT OF THE WAY. It is very interesting that you ASSume that I am A Pete Supporter. I understand it is just your liberal ego overriding YOUR BRAIN.

    1. David, friend, that’s the first time anyone has referred to me as liberal in over 20 years! The two people I don’t support for LG are the ones who I fear will be the most liberal! Pete was chosen by Bill Bolling and Bob McDonnell to be Bill’s running mate. What does that tell you?! Have we had enough of those two and their massive tax hikes?

      Why would I get out of the way for someone who I don’t want to see become Lt. Governor?

      Pete Snyder is a very nice man who is working very hard on his campaign but that doesn’t mean he is my choice for our next Lt. Governor. We must have someone who we can completely trust to break ties in the state senate if we are have any hope of getting republican bills through the General Assembly. Pete needs more of a track record as a republican in Virginia, and as someone who is largely supported by interests out the state of Virginia. This year the Lt. Governor is too important to trust to someone who is not a proven conservative. With so many proven conservatives on the ballot, why risk voting for an unknown? A rich unknown with lots of out of state money?

    2. Lady,you are one piece of work! After reading the trash you spew out about another republican, my last comments stand.You prove yourself to be just another ryhno. No wonder the republican party is in such bad shape. You assume that I am a Snyder supporter. I do not know who you support . But because of your high brow attitude I would love nothing more than to see your candidate get his/her clock cleaned by Snyder and sent home with their tail between their legs. So how much money does it cost to get into your LIBERAL country club republican party ?

  6. While people like to act like Northern Virginia’s support is somehow less important or even a negative to a conservative candidate – it does show electability. If you can’t pull close to 44% of the vote in NOVA you simply can’t win state-wide in the general.

    Full disclosure: I’m from central VA.

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