John Cosgrove to be challenged for Virginia Senate District 14

Senator Harry Blevins of Chesapeake Virginia has announced his retirement from the Virginia Senate in August, with 2 years left on his term of office.  He and his wife have had serious health problems, necessitating his retirement.  That sets up a special election for his senate seat.  Delegate John Cosgrove, a delegate from the 78th district, has announced that he will run for Senator Blevins seat. 

Now I’m hearing that there will be a challenge to  John Gosgrove in a Firehouse primary on May 9th.  The challenger will be Chris Stearns, the Republican chairman of the Virginia’s  3rd district.

In addition to being Chairman of the 3rd District, Chris is also a Convention Chairman for Lt. Governor candidate Susan Stimpson and an endorser of Mark Obenshain for Attorney General.   In 2012 Chris was the state director for the Ron Paul campaign.  Chris is well known for his organizing skills and ability to recruit voters.  His campaign should be interesting, and likely to be a successful.


3 thoughts on “John Cosgrove to be challenged for Virginia Senate District 14

  1. Go, Chris, go! We have a gracious plenty of tax-and-spend Republicans in the Senate already. We DON’T need another. Time for a little Liberty in the Virginia Senate!

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