Obama Backs More McDonnell and Joe May Tax Increases!

Part of McDonnell’s massive tax increase, the largest in the history of the Commonwealth, and supported by three delegates from Loudoun,  Joe May, Randy Minchew and Tag Greason,  included the state’s ability to enforce and collect an internet sales tax.  To make that happen, they needed help from the federal government.  That help has arrived!  Obama is supporting the internet sales tax, and pushing for it in Congress.  His surrogates in the Senate voted today to invoke cloture so the Senate can proceed with the  vote to allow the states to enforce the internet sales tax.  More on the story here.

I addition to thanking McDonnell, Bolling, May, Minchew and Greason for yet another tax increase on Virginia citizens, we must thank the 26 Republican senators  in the US Senate who voted today for cloture on the bill.  Anyone remember when being a Republican meant opposing taxes?  Now we have national and local Republicans voting to raise our taxes.

For those of us in NOVA this means  beginning in July we can look forward to a 20% increase in our sales taxes in stores and the same for everything that we buy online.  We have a Republican Governor and a Republican General Assembly to thank for that.  Every time you have to pay the internet sales tax, and additional tax in any store, you can thank our Republican representatives in Richmond for passing those  tax increases.   And what do we get for the biggest tax increase in the history of our state?   No one knows, but we know that there will be no new roads or a lane expansions on any existing roads.  We’ll face new taxes totaling $6 BILLION, sold as a transportation tax, with no alleviation of traffic congestion problems in NOVA.  Nice, huh?

The good news is, voters in Virginia’s 33rd district, finally have a choice.  We no longer have to be represented by tax hiking Joe May.  On June 11th, we can vote for a real conservative, not just one who claims to be conservative while voting again and again for tax hikes.  We can vote for Dave LaRock, a man who has taken the anti-tax pledge and will NOT vote to raise taxes when he represents us in Richmond!  It’s time for a change.  It’s time to have someone representing us in Richmond who is looking out for the taxpayer!


2 thoughts on “Obama Backs More McDonnell and Joe May Tax Increases!

  1. You do know LL that Obama’s stimulus bill is improving virginia’s backroads to the tune of $800 million….this is not public since McDonnell said he did not want to waste money on signs………….Happy Tuesday……..

  2. Any improvements to Rt. 28 should be payed for by the Rt. 28 Tax District. The only Loudoun projects on the Governor’s list they created to buy votes http://www.varoadtothefuture.virginia.gov/IllustrativeListHighwayProjects.pdf are Rt. 606 widening $36,126,954 and paving some unpaved roads $4,826,440. MWAA was supposed to pay for a significant portion of the Rt. 606 widening, we’ll see if they come through or if this is a bailout for them since Dulles is losing passengers due to MWAA mismanagement.

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