How is your local government doing?

While counties to the north are raising taxes, Stafford County, yet again, eliminated taxes.

Fairfax County is doing it (Supervisor Pat Herrity’s email newsletter)

Yesterday, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voted to increase the property tax rate by one cent to $1.085. With the increase in assessments that translates to a 4.5 % or $216 increase in taxes on the average homeowner. This increase is on top of a 1.9% increase last fiscal year (FY2013) and another 4.5% increase in next year’s tax bill (FY2015) if cuts are not made for a total of 11% over three years. I voted against this budget.

Prince William County is doing it (Virginia Virtucon post, April 23, 2013)

The Prince William Board of County Supervisors will vote tomorrow, April 23, on the FY 2014 tax rate. A resolution has already been drafted setting the rate at $1.181 per $100, which amounts to an average tax hike of 2.3 percent. There is much flowery language included in an attempt to provide a fig leaf here (“lowest tax bill”, “lowest tax burden”, “efficient and effective governance”, etc.), but the bottom line is people’s taxes are going up.

Stafford County is NOT doing it (Chairman Susan Stimpson’s email April 24, 2013)

Want proof that conservative governing and ideas work? Look no further than what we did in Stafford County last night. The Stafford County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a budget that:

  • Returns approximately $3.4 million to the taxpayers
  • Zeroed out the machinery and tools tax
  • Zeroed out the motor vehicle carrier tax
  • Zeroed out the boat tax
  • Focused dollars into the classroom and cut approximately 10% of the school administration costs by targeting categorical funding to instruction and technology
  • Put a mechanism in place that will address surplus funds, returning $2.4 million back to the taxpayer.

Conservative governing works and Susan Stimpson, Bob Thomas, Paul Milde, Cord Sterling, Gary Snellings, Jack Cavelier and Ty Schieber, all members of the Stafford County Board of Supervisors are proving it.


3 thoughts on “How is your local government doing?

  1. If Stafford can cut taxes, multiple times in multiple years, why can’t the other counties? Loudoun is cutting real estate taxes, but since real estate assessment went up across the county, most people are paying the same amount, if not more. Prince William and Loudoun are now tied for the highest tax rates in Virginia and the entire south. If Stafford can continue to cut taxes, and return money to the taxpayers, the other counties can too!

    The less money the government takes from our pockets, the more liberty and freedom we have. It sounds like Stafford is the place to go for freedom! Their politicians, especially their Chair, Susan Stimspon, cares more about the people and their freedoms than their own power which is decreased each time they lowers taxes! Too many politicians are the opposite of that. Once they get in office they can’t wait to increase their own power by taking more money from the people.

    Way to go Chairman Stimpson! Lover of Liberty and Freedom!

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