Joe May Supporters—-Chicago Style Thugs!

Dave LaRock is running a campaign on a shoestring against a very well funded, very wealthy, 20 year incumbent,  one who is heavily supported by big business and big transit industries.   It’s Dave’s goal to represent the people of Virginia’s 33rd House district, and not the interests of big business, but it’s a very difficult, uphill, fight for the people.

On Sunday night Dave put up a sign, an expensive campaign sign that his campaign could ill afford to lose.  By Tuesday it had been vandalized as you see in the above picture.   This kind of vandalism against a candidate for office should not happen!   It’s disgusting and I hope that Joe May will send an immediate message to his supporters condemning this crime to discourage them from continuing this behavior.

If this bothers you as much as it does me, please consider donating to the people’s candidate, to help him replace the sign.   We need to show Dave LaRock that some people DO care about this kind of behavior in our campaigns.    You can donate here.    Your donation will be very much appreciated.


19 thoughts on “Joe May Supporters—-Chicago Style Thugs!

  1. Destruction of signs is ALWAYS wrong. Might this be a case of what goes around comes around ? Everyone and I mean everyone, supporters, candidates and activists alike should stop screwing around with other peoples signs ! whether political signs or signs advocating private enterprise. Leave other peoples signs alone. There is a lesson here for all on both sides of this specific campaign. For the LaRock campaign, be careful how loud you scream about damaged signs.

    1. Protecting little children, and their cringing mothers, from pornography is a bit different than taking a razor to an opponent’s campaign sign.

      If you’re happy with Joe May and how he votes, please feel free to continue that support and continue to bash the LaRock campaign, the candidate who wants to go to Richmond to protect YOUR wallet from more government grabs. We will expect that you will cease any complaints about May’s many tax increases. Be careful what you wish for!

      You are either part of the solution, or you are part of the problem.

    2. Again, as miss the point. BTW, I will cease nothing, complaints or otherwise.
      The destruction of the signs in question are identical in that they are private property removed or destroyed by someone who no right to do so. Content of said signs or intent of those who take it upon themselves to remove or destroy the signs plays no part here.
      You have employed an ends justifies the means argument as far as Davids intentions and motivations for the destruction of the sign for which he decided neede to be removed. I don’t know that I would be suing the same rational as Karl Marx to make your point or justify Davids actions.
      It is my hope david succeeds in dispatching Joe May to the catagory of retired. I also don’t give him a pass for doing what I consider to be self rightous stupid shit. David’s removal of a sign which was private property no matter how smutty the message was wrong. Who appointed David Larock the morality police ?
      I believe abortion to be wrong, does this allow me the moral authority to punch every abortionist in the nose ? No , under the law that would be assault.
      Those supporting David need to have some intellectual honesty and integrity. You can both support david and point out what he did was wrong or stupid, these are not mutually exclusive. Be consistant !

    3. You’ll have to forgive me, but you certainly do not seem to be a supporter of Dave LaRock! Not saying that you need to be…….but a little honesty and consistency would be nice from you as well.

    1. Where did I use the word ‘all’? Obviously some of May’s supporters are vandals and thugs. SOME does mean ALL.

    2. That’s funny because your title says “Joe May Supporters — Chicago-Style Thugs!” Never do you use the word “some” in the article. You don’t even imply “some.” Your article clearly implies that “all” Joe May supporters are “Chicago-Style Thugs.” Last time I checked….”some” DOES NOT mean “all.”

  2. If a $30 4×8 sign is breaking the campaign bank for LaRock, then I fear for his chances against a Dem opponent if he wins the nomination.

    1. It isn’t the money, it is the principle of the matter. Obviously, some of May’s supporters are concerned they cannot win on the merits of their argument.

  3. Jesus’ supporters: thieves, murderers…PROSTITUTES. Dang, Jesus must’ve been a real scumbag. If you’re going to continue personally attacking Joe, please use attacks that at least make sense. I’d prefer, however, that LaRock and his team would start respecting Joe as he has respected them. You talk about destruction of personal property, when (1) you know Joe had nothing to do with this and (2) LaRock has made his share of mistakes in the past regarding personal property. Dave talks about being a strong constitutionalist; why, then, doesn’t he admit that destruction of his personal property and destruction of private property that he finds offensive to his morals both violate principles set forth in the constitution? You talk about running a “clean,” issue-centered campaign, when nearly half of your platform has either been personal attacks on Joe or sob stories about Joe starting whisper campaigns against LaRock and encouraging supporters to tear apart LaRock’s signs. Last I checked, Red Herrings weren’t considered political issues. At least before politics went to pot they weren’t. Joe isn’t desperate enough to run a dirty campaign, so stop accusing him of it.

    1. Wow. You sound very angry. Obviously a Joe May supporter cut up the sign. Who else would bother?

      I never said that Joe May himself did it or that he is running a dirty campaign! But Joe should disavow this kind of behavior and ask his supporters to stop it!

      Why are Joe May supporters always so angry?! I see it here and on Facebook. What’s up with all that anger?

  4. Kay/Jesus/socialconservative, We don’t do multiple nics here so please choose one and stick with it. Thank you!

  5. 1. We’re all different people. I know that for a fact. You could figure that out just by noting our unique writing styles.

    2. Not angry : ) Only incredulous.

    3. Of course you didn’t directly say that Joe has anything to do with this. You certainly seem to be implying it. I’m sure you would agree that your article has no relevance to the campaign re: which candidate readers should choose to support. I get the feeling, however, that you may be using this opportunity to cast Joe in a negative light and convince people to support Dave out of sympathy, not because of his stance on the issues.

    4. Somebody committed a disrespectful act that we know is not condoned by either candidate. Can we leave it at that, encourage people to be respectful, and cease the shameless plugs? Of course we can’t, this is a political campaign. I understand. I’ll leave you alone now.

  6. Oh, I see, you are posting from PHC. Have you heard Joe’s record on LIfe? NARAL gives him a 75% approval rating, the second highest among Republicans in Richmond. Did you know that Dave home schools 7 children? And that Dave is the conservative Christian? Did you know that Dave believes we have the most freedom when the government takes the least from citizens? Joe May doesn’t believe that at all, if he did, he would never have voted for the two biggest tax hikes in our state’s history.

  7. Actually, LL, these days I wouldn’t discount the possibility that some local vandal with a sharp blade may have cut up that sign just for the Hell of it. Or maybe some self-appointed environmental vigilante who thought the sign was an insult to the rural view from the gap.

  8. Have no fear…. No Democrat is near!

    There is no Democrat running for the 33rd District. So… Looks like the winner of this bitter nomination battle will win the General Election by default.

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