EW Jackson… The Second Tier Candidate?


Not at all.
It has been said lately in many circles around the Commonwealth that Jackson may shock the world at the convention this May.
E.W. Jackson has been giving folks shivers throughout the Commonwealth with his unsurpassed oratory skills and life story. This is a man who came to being a Republican through his own life struggles, growing from poverty to having a law degree from Harvard and serving a stint with the Marines. Jackson and his life story is something we should all stop and take notice of as it’s a story that can relate to so many we want to reach out to who would never otherwise consider themselves Republicans or conservative.
I am a fan of Mr. Jackson’s views on individual liberty as well as his one of a kind love of America. I would also point out that he does speak strongly against unfunded state mandates on local governments which is a huge issue and something you don’t hear much about from other candidates:
“It is wrong for the state to make local residents financially obligated for policies they neither asked for nor approved. There must be a permanent ban on unfunded state mandates and a roll back of these burdens on local taxpayers.”
In my previous posts I have defended two candidates that I see come under brutal and unfair attack. With Mr. Jackson I rarely hear much negative – except for the beginning of this contest where we heard that Mr. Jackson had no chance and would not be able to raise money. Well that was changed in the last finance report showing him with more donors than any other candidate and his reported momentum in delegate allocations.
I do believe if Mr. Jackson wins the nomination for Lieutenant Governor he will be a great and unrivaled cheerleader and messenger for the True Republican Party. Hell, he already is. I also hope that in the party he is treated the way he wants and deserves to be treated: as an equal and not as a trophy. This is a man of great integrity, intelligence, and optimism and win or lose he should be seen as one of the new faces of the Republican Party of Virginia


6 thoughts on “EW Jackson… The Second Tier Candidate?

  1. We need to thoroughly vet our LG candidates. Corey Stewart raised taxes 3 of the last 4 years. Under his leadership prince william county has the highest tax rate in the commonwealth.

  2. Mr. Jackson’s stock is soaring. Yes, he is the Real Deal. His story is compelling, adescendant of slaves and share croppers, he grew up in foster care and went on to get two degrees Harvard, including a Law degree. As he is the first to say, he stands before us as the example of the American Dream. If a poor, Black, foster child, from Orange County Virginia, can make it in America, anyone and everyone can make it in America.

  3. I have to say I have been impressed with Jackson whenever I heard him speak. That said, I don’t think someone who built their entire political career as an anti-gay zealot will be a good candidate this fall as the Supreme Court cases will have this issue as front-and-center. I would expect huge national anti-Jackson press whichever way the Court decides this fall – right around election time.

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