About that Tea Party endorsement

This can’t be good for PWC’s native son.  Just as soon as he receives endorsement from the Virginia Tea Party Patriots – the TPP in his home county sends the message below.

Prince William County Tea Party Patriots E-mail Message

Dear Tea Party Patriots:

Below is a message sent to the Prince William County Tea Party Patriots Delegates to the Republican Convention that will be held on May 17 and 18, 2013. Please forward this to your lists.


April 30, 2013

Dear PWCTPP Delegate:

The Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation completed a vetting of the candidates for LT. Governor and Attorney General on Saturday, April 27, 2013. After getting feedback from participants, we believe the process was flawed. It didn’t take into account the candidate’s voting records or public records of those candidates that had not held office. It focused on unlikely scenarios, and asked candidates who were their favorite philosopher and economist. It did not address issues.

Therefore, the Prince William Tea Party Patriots does not support the vetting process. We will not endorse any candidate for Lt. Governor or Attorney General recommended by the Federation. Please feel free to vote your conscious at the Republican Convention on May 18, 2013.

Nancy Schiffman

Chairwoman, PWCTPP for the Board of Directors


29 thoughts on “About that Tea Party endorsement

  1. I found the questions asked to be very insightful. We learned that while one of the candidates had “brushed up” on the Constitution she didn’t read very much or think any deeper than running for office. I think Stewart benefited from going next to last after raters had the opportunity to compare his remarks to the rest of the field, a couple of which proved to be “empty suits.”

  2. Larsele, since you were apparently in the room…Did anyone there consider or do any research into any of the candidates’ records?

  3. YAYYYYYYYYYYYY for Nancy!!! BUT, where does this organization (TEA PARTY) get off calling themselves “Patriots”??? Do they really believe they are uniquely “Patriotic”?? OR, is their name like the New York YANKEES, or Boston BRAVES???

  4. It is sad that after all the politically-motivated budget cutting, PWC BOCS needs to cut more in order to curry favor with these alleged “patriots”……….I think, although no one asked me, that Patriots would pay the f……. billls!!!

  5. I took part in the process and it was a good process that was objective. I am sorry that the PWC took this action for whatever reason, because until we (all the Tea Party) groups can rally behind strong candidates, we will be wall flowers in the public policy debates.

    I have been trying to years to get the Tea Party groups to do something like this, and now that it has happened this is the result. I am not surprised, because I have seen and heard about the same thing happening in other states where Tea Party groups have come together. One or more groups do not like the results, so they pull out.

    I would urge the members of the PWC TPP and the leadership that released the above to reconsider their position. Are the candidates truly the ones that you can not support no matter what, or are you just being petty? Also I would like to ask who made this decision for the PWC Tea Party, the leadership or was there input from the members? Because this process was bottom up, those of us that spent over a day and half listening to these candidate, picked the one we thought was best, not some committee in a back room.

  6. Are the Prince William Tea Patriots still around? Looks like the group has shrivelled to the Shiffmans’, who have been haters of Corey. The only real Tea Party groups still around in Prince William are the Manassas Tea Party and the 9-12 group.

    1. Don’t know on the LG race, but on the AG race Bell got something like a 90 and Obenshain got a 70 or 75. Obenshain got the endorsement.

    2. Those numbers can not be right, because interview score had a maximum of 160 (32 questions, 5 points for each) and the average for each represented TeaParty was added together. I believe that there were at least 30 groups involved so that gives you around 4800 total maximum score for the interview. Then you add on their mechanics score which had a maximum of around 1800 points to get the candidates overall score.

      So I do not know where you got those scores, but I can not see how they are right. Also I know, having been there that because Bell did not interview as well as Obenshain, which surprised me and others, and he did not complete his mechanics questionnaire full either, both of which hurt him.

  7. Freddy, you didn’t answer the question above. Were the candidates’ past records analyzed?????? Any candidate can walk into a room and tell you what you want to hear. Did you actually look at what they have done??? Corey is a tax raiser. Look at the record.

    1. I was not answering the question about the past record, I was answering the question about the final tally regarding the vetting process.

      None of the questions used in the interview dealt with their past records. One reason given for this was that some of the candidates had limited or no records to examine, so how do you score them. For example would you score E.W. high or low on his legislative record.

      The process is not perfect, and no process will be. But having been involved in this type of process since the 2010 election, I will tell you it was a good sound process. If you have suggestions on how to improve it Middle Resolution and the Federation would like to hear them.

      P.S. I really think it is disingenuous to take pot shot at both the process and a candidate from an “Anonymous” posting. Stand up for what you believe and be recognized. I do.

  8. That’s right Freddy, no sane candidate was going to provide in depth information regarding the mechanics of their campaign.

    Here are the facts: Bell has raised twice the money of Obenshain, sent eight times the mail, knocked on four times the doors. His voting record is better. He has been more involved in the constitutional issues facing the Commonwealth these last years. He has ten times the endorsements.

    Clearly his campaign mechanics are in order.

    I urge all Tea Party members to make up their own mind on these candidates. Please do not be lassoed by some purported and unelected umbrella group.

    1. I disagree, I have been involved in these types of vetting processes (iCaucus) since 2010. At that time we did not get information regarding the campaign from them, and were burned several times by candidates, that scored high but had no chance to win.

      Also of the 9 candidates that went through the process 7 provided the information for the most part. That is 67% participation rate. So either those 7 were not sane, or two made bad choices.

      Times are changing and candidates are going to have PROVE to the grass roots that they deserve our support. One of the ways they will have to do that is be more transparent with and trust us. If they can not do as a candidate, how can they do that as a elected official.

      Forums, and meet and greets are no longer enough.

      Finally, I was at the event and I will tell you Rob Bell would not of gotten the nomination, even if he had given the same level information as Obenshain, he did not do as well answering the interview questions. Which was a surprise to me and those that I talked to.

    2. I don’t think we need to worry that rank and file Tea Party people won’t vote independently! They’re known to think for themselves.

  9. I have just learned from a source I cannot divulge that the interview questions for the vetting process Freddy is in love with were leaked to the Obenshain campaign ahead of time. Count me among the not surprised.

    1. If that happened, and I am not saying it is not possible, then whoever did so, did us all a disservice. I would also suggest that you help us make this process better by forwarding this information on to Middle Resolution, so that they can investigate and take whatever action necessary.

  10. I would also like to point out that anonymous accusation, from unnamed sources can not be verified. If you want charges that you post to be taken seriously, then post them under your real name and name names.

    Anybody posting here can find me and contact me outside of this web page, there are not that many Freddy Boisseau(s) in the Commonwealth of VA. Actually there is only one that I know of. How many VA Patriots are there, I know of hundreds.

  11. Corey is more liberal that JMDD. He’s voted to raise taxes year after year after year after year…You get the point.

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