Jason Collins Is Gay? Yawn. Who Cares? He’s A Crummy Basketball Player.

Washington Wizards center Jason Collins yesterday announced, “I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay.”

First of all, it is pretty obvious that he is black, so I’m puzzled as to why he had to tell people that.  Second of all, I really don’t need to know what people do with their private parts so long as they aren’t doing anything illegal.  What’s next?  Who will be the first major league sports athlete to come out as a chronic masturbator?  As living the BDSM lifestyle?  I just don’t care.  I don’t even want to know if a player is straight and monogamous.  I just want athletes to go out there and excel at their jobs.

There’s more to this.  The average age of an NBA player is just under 27 and the average length of experience in the league is under 5 years.  Collins is 7 years over on both counts.  Add to that the Wizards coming off a terrible 29-53 season and his abysmal stats for the year and you start to see the bigger picture.  His career is at the end of the line and one has to wonder if this is nothing more than a publicity stunt to try and extend it.

Jackie Robinson you aren’t…


6 thoughts on “Jason Collins Is Gay? Yawn. Who Cares? He’s A Crummy Basketball Player.

  1. Thor, perhaps you should not read about such things if they are so bothersome to you……….Maybe you should go in the closet and read about these sexual things……i think its great if a prominent person comes out like that. Statistics show there are a lot of closet gays……….and its really sad they still feel the wrath of closet homephobes……..it will wear off as our generation matures….but i think it is helpful for prominent persons to give their support to fellow God-Created Gays……………

  2. The big problem is that Christians are coming under attack in a big way. I wish this blog would do an article about that. Homosexual activists tried to silence Greg Laurie, http://www.onenewsnow.com/latest-headlines-from-the-web/2013/05/01/greg-laurie-to-gay-activists-i-wont-back-down. Have you forgotten how Dan Cathy was attacked for his views on marriage? It was amazing to see the outpouring of support for Dan Cathy and Chick-fil-A. Yes, the homosexual activists are all about intolerance of Christians and the Bible.

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