Opposition Mounts To PWC’s Bi-County Parkway

Del. Bob Marshall posted the following message to Facebook about the proposed Bi-County Parkway:

For my Western PW area constituents. There will be a citizen meeting with regard to the proposed Bi-County parkway Thursday, May 2, 2013, at Bull Run High School at 7:00 PM. I oppose this road because I believe it is not cost effective, will create an opening for unrestrained development along the route and it will require a huge amount of property to be taken for the right-of-way. There are other alternatives that would be more cost effective and would require a less intrusive approach. If you are interested in this issue please come out to the meeting.

This comes on the heels of state Sen. Dick Black, fellow Del. Tim Hugo, and Prince William Gainesville District Supervisor Pete Candland announcing their opposition to the road. Hugo said:

“If the North-South corridor is built, resulting the closure of Route 29, commuters in Fairfax, Prince William and Fauquier counties will be sitting on I-66, missing their children’s events, missing dinners, and watching their quality of life deteriorate,” said Delegate Tim Hugo, R-Fairfax, Prince William, who called his opposition to the highway the “new Battle of Manassas.”

Candland adds:

“My concern is that we have not seen sufficient economic forecasting that is needed to determine if the [Tri-County Parkway] is the best transportation solution to speed access to and from Dulles Airport, or that it will create high-paying jobs here in Prince William County,”

The Derecho blog had specific details on the plan for the parkway last week:

For example, the plan calls for maintaining “VA 234 between I-95 and Country Club Drive in Prince William County as a six-lane facility” but ‘designating one existing lane in each direction as HOV during peak travel periods”.


all lanes between Sudley Road and U.S. 50 as HOV/HOT during peak travel periods

All of this should concern county residents. In the eastern part of the county, the designation of one existing lane as HOV between I-95 and the eastern entrance to the Montclair community is simply ridiculous. Why? Because there are several turns for communities and businesses located on each side of Route 234 in that stretch. This is a “solution” in search of a problem that will only create problems where none currently exist. Likewise for the Sudley Road to U.S. 50 stretch — by all means divert drivers onto residential side streets and other roads not intended to handle such capacity.  Who comes up with such “brilliant” ideas?

County residents need to inform themselves about this road and then weigh the costs and benefits of the proposed route.  I look forward to hearing from Del. Marshall and others about logical alternatives that are less intrusive and more cost effective.

UPDATE:  And there is even greater opposition according to the WashPo —

Dels. Robert G. Marshall (Prince William), Michael J. Webert (Fauquier) and Sens. Richard H. “Dick” Black (Loudoun), Richard H. Stuart (Westmoreland) and Jill H. Vogel (Fauquier) all joined Hugo in opposing the project at Monday’s news conference. The legislators said that they would lobby the administration and local officials to try and halt the project. That could include a budget amendment in future legislative sessions, they said.

Marshall said that the McDonnell administration was misrepresenting the road’s benefits and that a bridge over Route 28 at Walney and Braddock Roads, among other improvements, would better move traffic toward Dulles Airport than the proposed parkway.

He said that the parkway would only benefit developers who have bought up land along the route. “There’s something else going on here,” he said.

Let’s see what kind of support remains for this if all the land along this route is either put off limits to development or is strictly reserved for commercial development.


5 thoughts on “Opposition Mounts To PWC’s Bi-County Parkway

  1. Once again here comes Bob Marshall. He loves to do anything he can to stop any and all transportation solutions. If there is always some mystical better solution then how come he never says what that solution is?

  2. Marshall even proposed a solution that was mentioned in this blog (fixing the 28/Braddock Road problem). So you might not like his solutions but stop lying and saying he doesn’t have any.

  3. As a liberal Virginian, I find it refreshing to agree with Republicans 100% on this issue, which is a matter of property rights, smart spending, and the government being too intrusive for its own good. I hope the 4th Battle of Manassas is won once more by Virginians.

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