And The Evidence Points To…

Late today, Virtucon was alerted to other videos available online that possess similar styles and characteristics to the two anti-Pete Snyder videos that we wrote about earlier.  Not only do these videos take great liberties with the truth, but they also fail to include the required basic legal disclaimers stating who paid for them and whether they were authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Listen to the voiceover work in these two videos.

And compare the two opening shots in each of these videos:

We had these analyzed by a video production professional who stated:

The voices could very well be the same ones. They sound like it to me. When I have voiceovers I tend to hire out the talent rather than do it myself, and there are some folks I’ve liked working with so sometimes they end up being used on more than one production. That wouldn’t necessarily mean it’s the same production company, but it would be an indicator since there’s a huge ton of voiceover talent out there and to come up with two videos with the same voice randomly is rather unusual. Especially when the voiceover “talent” is pretty sub-par like this.

However this doesn’t sound like pro voiceover talent to me. This sounds like a low-budget producer goofing around with his own voice to come up with a passable voiceover because he doesn’t have the money for talent. I’ve done this a couple of times, and it’s not unusual when you have a stingy client.

The production methodology in the second two videos is amazingly similar. Using that iris wipe at the opening is a key indicator. An iris wipe is a VERY rarely used technique (because it looks pretty stupid) and to have two different productions use the same technique at the very opening is definitely a production style unique to a very small number of people.

In my opinion these are most certainly done by the same person.

Anti-Snyder Video 1 CRNC Video

The “iris wipe” really only works at the beginning of a James Bond film.

I guess that is somewhat ironic given that sources have confirmed to us that the two non-Snyder videos were created by someone named Lee Bond (or maybe it isn’t so coincidental and it is his calling card playing upon his surname.)  Mr. Bond also has a very interesting LinkedIn profile.

Lee Bond Linked In

What are the odds that the person who made the anti-Snyder videos would have a similar sounding voice and use similar set-up shots as someone who until March of this year worked for Prince William County government? Factor in that these videos did not start to appear until mid-April and the odds start becoming astronomical that two different people are behind these.

You can draw your own conclusion as to where the evidence ultimately points as it is pretty obvious based upon this.

If this is the case, it appears that this is par for the course.  From another source we spoke to today:

I know that [Corey] likes to avoid direct confrontation and he has funneled money to outside organizations in the past. He was afraid to attack [’11 Democratic candidate for County Chairman Babur] Lateef, so he funneled money to the VA 11th CD GOP account and they did the negative mailers. Plus I know that he has a researcher who could dig up this kind of stuff.

Some of us here have also noted that fonts on the anti-Scott Lingamfelter mailers match fonts used in these video productions.

We have no problem with negative (or comparative if you prefer) campaigning if it is accurate and a campaign takes full ownership of it. Cheap shots like these against Snyder and Lingamfelter taken from behind the veil of anonymity are undignified, especially when it comes from a fellow Republican.

Normally, we would call upon a candidate to disavow these attacks made on their behalf and discipline the staffers responsible.  In this case, what’s the point?  It is a pattern.  Let the delegates to the State Convention decide.  For me, though, this was the last straw.


21 thoughts on “And The Evidence Points To…

  1. I believe in the tea party values of transparency and was planning on backing Corey as a result of the vetting, but I can’t get behind this kind of trickery and deception. I have no problem for candidates calling each other out publicly, but these anonymous tactics are so disturbing, this not a role model I want for my children.

    These antics are NOT what I want my children to look up to and can not be tolerated in Virginia from our Lt. Gov. I can not for Corey or any candidate that would do these backdoor attacks. Besides, what are you afraid of? Chicken. Just put those videos out there and say “Paid for by Corey Stuart for Lt. Gov”. I would have no problem voting for a candidate that just put it out there publicly. But this sneakiness and deception will not be tolerated.

    It can’t be Lingamfelter or Snyder since they attacks have been against them and Stimpson, Jackson and Stewart can’t afford them, so who is left?:

    Corey or JMD. JMD and her husband know that the ramifications of doing something like this could turn very ugly and forever kill her chance of getting elected. So that leaves Corey.

    1. That was pretty much the process of elimination we had gone through as well (except you forgot Steve Martin who REALLY can’t afford something like this) before we came into possession of the evidence that led us to this.

  2. Curious, most curious. Will the Stewart campaign refute, admit, or ignore these charges? I’m exceedingly interested in finding out.

  3. I am not a Stewart supporter but I hate to see anyone blamed for this without proof of having actually done so. As long as the facts are correct I actually have no political problem with such things, but it has got to at least be factually accurate, or it is just purely mud-slinging. I much prefer, however, to see a campaign based upon the merits or lack thereof, of each candidate, and a healthy discussion of their actual public records. That said, if certain things are true about these candidates, it is better that we find them out now before we entrust our liberty to them, and what one has done in the past is by far the best indicator of what one will do in the future. That is why, to some extent, personal things really should factor into campaigns for public office. What a person is privately is what he or she will eventually become publicly.

  4. Be a man Corey, grow some and come out with it and put your name on it if you want to be Lt. Gov. Show your teeth and be proud of it. I don’t want a wimpy Chicken scaredy-pants hiding behind surrogates doing dirty deeds.

    There is no such thing as a secret in politics. It is just going to come out and bite Corey hard in the rear. I want iron clad balls. The kind that aren’t afraid to fight for Virginians in the face of tyrannical turds. That’s right – I want to see big fat iron clad balls. Not a wimpy name-dropping pretty Chicken boy puppet hiding behind a bbq pig rig or fancy pants commercials that spends $500,000 on crap or has to be surrounded by starry eyed kids all the time. Show me your iron clad balls!

    “Slick Willy” Corey is just way to sneaky and just smells rotten. Where are Corey and Snyder on property rights? They are way to secretive and I never hear them speak about property rights unless specifically asked and then they throw out some lame robotic response.

    All those fancy shiny glossy mailings of Corey and Snyder with guns and dogs and babies and minorities do nothing for me. What are they going to do to fight for property rights in Virginia? I’m sick of hearing about all of those jobs from Snyder and I’m going to vomit if Corey says one more word about immigration.

    Where are the iron clad balls?Tell me what you are going to do to protect my private property when the government clowns come to take it or get out of the way and let the “real” conservatives run for office.

    Virginia doesn’t need plastic candidates or “Slick Willy”, we need liberty and freedom warriors. Tell me what you are going to do to fight to protect our most fundamental rights. Show me iron clad balls!

    1. You mean you don’t buy Corey’s glossy 2nd Amendment mailing shot on John Stirrup’s farm (that’s John with his back to the camera) with Stirrup’s dog Reagan? I guess he did look a little Elmer Fuddish, hardly an iron clad balls warrior type.

  5. CORY: Hear me loud and clear, IF you or your campaign has anything to do with this and YOU do not publicly clear your name. YOU can forget any possibility of my vote. NOT ONLY will that happen but I will personally put all my time and effort into seeing that you are sent home with your tail between your legs ON THE FIRST BALLOT. If you think I am just venting, TRY ME this is not my first rodeo,and you will have made the worst choice of your political career. I DO NOT BLUFF.

  6. David, I am curious, how many delegate votes do you control at the convention? How will you blow up Corey’s political career?

  7. I’m not following the “scandal” as it’s put out. There’s either more or less to it all. Just doesn’t add up. I think it’s less.

    The LinkedIn profile for this Bond guy says he worked for Harris Media, where that awful comparative video (as well as several other campaign abortions) was conceived. Mind you, this firm sabotaged every sinking presidential ship to which they jumped. Anyhow, that firm formerly enjoyed Stewart’s patronage until he (Stewart) fired them (Harris). So say the video is definitely Bond; Bond knew Stewart and knew he was running and decided to do some videos around this race to expand his chops as a video/political ad producer. Love the videos or hate them as matter of personal preference, but the likelihood that this merits scandal? Pretty slim. I’m just another Tea Party nut job though so who cares? Just some thoughts on the issue…. Not sure Corey Stewart can carry much blame here. Seeya at Convention!

  8. Why did Vince Harris of Too Conservative link to this post when his company Harris media is involved? Is Vince aware that these videos were illegal? Why would he want his company name associated with this mess? Why would he advertised it? Perhaps he should focus a bit more on his dying blog and Harris Media. Their track record hasn’t been so good as of late.

  9. Check the LinkedIn profile for Bond. He hasn’t worked for Harris in quite some time (at least since Jan. 2012.) Nor has Harris worked for Corey in a while.

  10. Corey is NOT the poster child for the Tea Party. Never was and never will be, not now and not ever. Property Rights ! Property Rights! Property Rights!

    Corey’s voting record on property rights speaks for itself. He is no property rights warrior or protector.

    I want a candidate that is going to be a fierce protector of our property rights. A force to be reckoned with when it comes to keeping government off our property. Corey has a proven record of taking away private property rights and giving more power to local county governments to dictate what we can do on our land.

    Why do you think Corey is so quiet about property rights? Same goes for Pete. I want these two shiny, dog and gun loving, plastic brochures on the record for what they are going to do to protect us from local county abusive bullying.

    What are they going to do to protect Virginia’s small family farmers ? A statement from Corey and Pete – put it in words on the record or get out of the race.

    No Iron Clad Balls = NO VOTE!

  11. I don’t think anyone would deem this persons skill in video production worthy of being paid money for, this is some grade school quality garbage. I think the only reason nobody would put their name on it is because of embarrassment. This is the kind of attack ad aimed at people with a 3rd grade education.

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