The Anti-Pete Snyder Videos — Inaccurate and Illegal

I have made known my share of criticism of Pete Snyder’s campaign, but I have also highlighted the praiseworthy attributes and even gone as far as to say that if he does not secure the LG nomination later this month that he would make an excellent candidate for U.S. Senate against Mark Warner next year.  He has even been a guest columnist here, so I guess you can say that things have run the gamut.

Today, I want to bring to everyone’s attention the following videos that have been sent to Virtucon contributors and posted here for our readership.  These videos lack the required campaign finance disclaimers showing who authorized and paid for their production (and the production value on these is quite good even if the content itself is shoddy in terms of the truth.)  They are also posted on throwaway YouTube accounts (Petey InSnyder·No public videos and Ol’ Pete·No public videos) in an effort to make them untraceable and therefore the individuals behind them unaccountable.

First, this video made its debut April 15.

Here’s my review.

Do I blame Snyder for incorporating in Delaware? Heck, no. To this day I don’t understand why Virginia doesn’t just adopt the Delaware corporation code in full and get in on the action.

Vacationing in Nantucket with John Kerry and the Kennedys? First of all, Nantucket is known as the Republican alternative to the more Democratic Martha’s Vineyard. Secondly, I’m pretty certain that many Virginians travel out of state on vacations (some other candidates for LG even leave the country on vacations! GASP!)

Owning office space in Washington, DC? Big deal. That’s where Corey Stewart has his law office, too.

He owns a farm in Mississippi? As I understand it, the farm was inherited, is quite modest, and goes back generations in the family.

Then this video appeared yesterday:

Where to begin with this?

Phil Cox?  He has been a staple of GOP politics in Virginia for quite a while and became the Exec. Dir. of the Republican Governors Association under Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s term in office as its chairman.

Chris Reilly lost the primary for Congress in Pennsylvania last year to now U.S. Rep. Scott Perry, so he isn’t a Congressman and NEVER WAS.

Peter Fitzgerald was a U.S. Senator (as the voiceover states), NOT a Congressman (as the text indicates), from Illinois and he has been out of office for 9 YEARS now.

Furthermore, Snyder has raised the most in-state money of any candidate for LG.

Snyder: $434,373 in-state

Stewart: $381,484 in-state

Davis: $266,909 in-state

This video, too, lacks the required disclosure.

To put it bluntly, these videos are both inaccurate AND illegal.

Clearly, someone (and by that I mean a rival Lt. Gov. campaign) has the money and motive to put these out.  Do we know which campaign?  Well, we have it down to 99.9% certainty on that based upon a variety of factors including a slip-up that the campaign in question made in sending one of those videos to us here.

Stay tuned.  This could get very ugly for one of the candidates real soon.


22 thoughts on “The Anti-Pete Snyder Videos — Inaccurate and Illegal

  1. Thanks for clearing that up Riley.

    While I am supporting EW Jackson, this stuff makes my teeth itch. Pete Snyder has run a very positive campaign. I suppose there are a lot of things you COULD say about any candidate, but the time and effort put into these videos, etc is over the top.

    I will go so far as to say that the videos and and the continuous griping have had the opposite effect on delegates.

  2. Will be interested in which opposing campaign put them out. Even though I like Jackson too, Snyder’s campaign calls have been very professional, pleasant, and not all obnoxious as some campaign calls can be.

  3. I don’t even understand the criticisms? If you’re not raising money from across the country, you’re doing it wrong.

    Also, the narrator’s voice is annoying.

  4. I am going to the convention and am undecided. That said, if we found out who produced these videos I will definitely not be voting for that campaign.

    1. We’re just gathering up the final pieces of evidence. We have two solid pieces that point in the same direction and a third that is falling into place. We want to make sure everything lines up before we point the finger.

  5. All signs point to Corey Stewart. This is his MO, silly attacks that aren’t thought out very well. He’s already had a tough week, with Tea Party support leaving his campaign, more people are analyzing his (horrible) record, and now everyone knows that he’s behind these attacks. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone fall so quickly.

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