Oh Really, Terry?

Terry McAuliffe’s campaign is running the following ad on Facebook:


(Is that tinfoil hat made from parts intended for unbuilt Greentech automobiles?)

Uh huh.  Good luck trying to portray McAuliffe as a job creator with reporting like this going on.

Ryan Nobles of the NBC News 12 staff visited Tunica to report on Greentech.

Nobles reported, “(Tunica) is a town looking for hope, hope they thought they found in this man,” Terry McAuliffe said in July of last year at a plant in Horn Lake, Mississippi, that he claimed would produce a car per hour. “The plan was to start production in Horn Lake,” Nobles reported, “and immediately begin construction of a massive, permanent plant in Tunica. That was nine months ago. McAuliffe came here to Mississippi last summer, with the promise of thousands of jobs and a huge manufacturing facility. But now here we are in 2013, and the only thing on this site is some overgrown grass and some gravel.”

Meanwhile, Women Speak Out Virginia are up on the air with a radio ad that tells voters who the real extremist is in this race — Terry McAuliffe.

In the race for Governor…there’s one candidate who has taken extreme positions far outside the mainstream….one candidate whose radical ideas are troubling to every woman in Virginia.

It’s Terry McAuliffe.

Just this month Terry McAuliffe opposed basic health and safety standards for some women’s health clinics that perform abortions.

McAuliffe refuses to require women’s health clinics to provide the same sanitary environment we expect of dental offices and hospitals.

McAuliffe is bowing to the political pressure from powerful corporations that run women’s health clinics.

They must think they are above the law. They put their own interests above the health of safety of their patients.

Virginia women’s clinics have been cited for unsanitary conditions, poor staff training, and poorly maintained equipment.

But Terry McAuliffe is afraid to stand up for women’s health. He’s afraid to stand up for you.

Career politician Terry McAuliffe is too extreme for Virginia.

Paid for by Women Speak Out Virginia. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


13 thoughts on “Oh Really, Terry?

  1. Sad thing is that there are some in this state who are dumb enough to buy it and vote for McAuliffe.

  2. It’s from Terry moneybags McAuliffe’s own book so the warped mind belongs to…?

    By the way I loved that Radio commercial by Ken’s campaign throwing the women’s health issue right back in their slimy , misogynist mugs. I was at Georgetown when I first heard it and thought some of the listeners around me were going to have their heads spin off their shoulders.

    I hear the McAuliffe campaign is terrified that a photo with him grinning with the Butcher of Philadelphia is going to pop out any day. BTW, wasn’t that junior senator from Illinois a backer of partial birth abortions when he was in the Illinois senate?

    1. you folks listen to glen beck ET AL too much. Its like if a person isnt a right-wing extremist wacko, they are abortion lovers……….

  3. Ken,

    Don’t listen to any of your conservative boogie men, and I don’t accuse anyone of being an abortion lover, except the sociopaths who embrace it as sacred right and ritual of a perverse and sick tenet of Feminism.

    I will stand and give witness to what I see as fundamentally wrong, the taking of innocent life. If a defender of abortion finds that witness as an accusation of wrong doing on their part, that’s more likely a consequence of their own moral ambivalence on the issue, than me sitting in judgment on them. I’m not pronouncing judgment on them , I’m disagreeing with them on public policy issue that merits calm and rational debate.

    In light of the horror stories out of the clinic in Philadelphia, where the death of local Virginia women triggered helped lead to exposing this monster of an abortionist, I would think a reasonable person who was offended by the “wacko” idea that abortion clinics needed tighter regulations here in Virginia might reconsider their wacko name calling.

    1. Doug………..i hear so many horror stories on abortion……..coming from my own church..and across the talk radio waves……and have given up believing them…….Dont you understand that some of these groups pump up their tales to suck in those who need and want to believe lies? I stay totalle uninformed…….normally when i see abortion in the papers i turn the page……individuals involved and the courts need to deal with it……..im not going to sort it ot and pretend i have the truth………………

  4. Ken,

    Ambivalence often leads to avoidance , but I’m not sure how you accuse ‘some of these groups’ of lying when you simply turn the page, turn your gaze away?

    Did you also turn the page when the Dems waged the war against ultrasound last year?

    For someone who comes to these pages championing education and intelligence, you have a remarkably limited conception of what those two terms consist and a remarkable willingness to cut off people who raise the inconvenient truth that the abortion industry is one of the least and poorly regulated “health” related industries in the nation.

    1. We all know what abortion is about……you all use that as your rallying cry for all the other crappy things that conservatves stand for…….yep, i’m for motherhood, liberty, america the beautiful………but i know, you all think you have a monoploy on these wonderful ideals…..BUT YOU DONT!!!! yur getti gyour butts kicked every election..people are tired of the phony messages of the right@@@

  5. Ken,

    Emotional. What’s wrong you can’t be a Democrat and argue openly against abortion? You have to try to change the subject, rather than try to change your party’s close minded, and dogmatic stance on the issue?

  6. I’m not changing the subject. I am saying that the tragedy of abortion is not somethign to use to argue for all the other crazy things ‘conservatives’ stand for. How did your like your fearless leader – ROMNEY” being so-called “pro-choice” when running forr Governor of Mass and so-called “pro-life” when running to be YOUR President last year!!! And now, are you arming yoursellf up for when you do battle AGAINST the federal government? hohohohhoo

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