We’re Coming For You NEXT…

One would think that people would have learned their lesson about posting anonymous smears to the internet.  I guess not as there is a particularly vile one currently going out against Stafford County Board Chairman Susan Stimpson.  Fortunately, it was caught in our SPAM filter and shall never see the light of day here on Virtucon.

What will, however, is the pseudonym someone is using, the throwaway email account they are using and their IP address.

The Truth About Susan

Think you’re smart?  We’re smarter and we’re coming after you next…

UPDATE:  And just to be perfectly clear, we want to find the piece of garbage who is behind this vile email attacking Corey Stewart as well (which we will not dignify by publishing the content, either.)

From: virginiabeacon@hush.com
Subject: Pray for Corey Stewart
Date: Wed, 01 May 2013 05:45:18 +0000


17 thoughts on “We’re Coming For You NEXT…

  1. Dig through Willie Deutsch’s poll to see if any of the IP addresses linked to the same anonymous server and that may be your first lead.

  2. These are fellow Republicans you are campaining against people. These are the ones you will be depending on to help you get elected if you win the nomination. This is disgusting an unacceptable. If we find out what campaign is supporting these tactics, I will do everything I can to see that they never hold office again.

  3. That was done through a TOR proxy and is virtually untraceable, this is the type of browser and protocol that typically people who are fans of child pornography use to cover their tracks.

    1. Because it is two weeks before the convention, not the general election. The way the field lines up, there is no point for Dems spending time or money attacking one candidate out of such a broad field. Occom’s razor.

    2. That’s much better Doug……..you guys neednt even have a convention this time. We’re gonna whip your butts across the board…with alll those stunning candidates!!! hohohoho

    3. Democrats dont stoop to such activities Doug. You should know better than to ask such a question!! Of course you do slip in the smarts dept sometimes!!!!!

    4. C’mon Doug………….you’ll have to do better than that………….or is that just your best??!!!

  4. Has anyone asked Corey Stewart’s Campaign Manager Patrick Lee what his thoughts are on this?

    He’s already proven he’s incapable of playing nice. Just ask Rob Bell. Obenshain fired him for a reason.

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