Jackson, Snyder, Davis Call For Civility In LG Campaign

“I have endeavored to run a positive campaign because I want to build my support on my message, When we tear each other apart during the nominating process the result is division within our Republican ranks, affording the Democrats the opportunity to use that division to win the General election. It is appropriate to discuss the differences in an open forum where each candidate has the opportunity to respond and explain their position, but we should not be mounting attacks against one another. All candidates need to work hard to earn the support of voters by conveying a positive message of what they bring to the position and allow the voters to determine or themselves who will do the best job and will help the ticket win in November” Jeannemarie Davis (statement given today)

“With just two weeks left until Virginia Republicans gather to choose our nominees, it’s never been more important to maintain our focus on the issues and keep our fire aimed squarely at the Democrats we need to defeat in November.
It’s always been Pete’s goal to run the most relentlessly positive, issues-focused grassroots campaign possible, while taking the fight directly to Terry McAuliffe and the liberals. That’s exactly what we’ve done throughout this race, and it’s still our game plan heading into the final weeks and days. You can count on it” – Pete Snyder Press Release
“We are down to the wire with only two weeks to the Convention. This is a tense time for all the candidates and staff. It is easy to be tempted to plot on how to bring each other down rather than lifting up a vision for the kind of leaders we want to be.
I urge all the candidates and our supporters not to succumb to the temptation to go negative.
Let us pray for all of the candidates, even those we are not supporting. They are still human beings who have been through a grueling process. They, their families and staff are tired and some are discouraged by the polls. The sad truth is that only one of the candidates in each race – Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General – can win”. – E.W Jackson Press Release

It is great to see after this week of toilet politics that there are campaigns who want us to know, they are still running their campaign on message and traveling that road to Richmond.



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    1. Great statement Jeannemarie…but you all have sooooooooo much baggage (except you!!), that we’re gonna win easily this year!! (we’re Democrats!!)

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