Corey Stewart’s Week Just Keeps Getting Worse

Today, candidate for Lt. Governor, Corey Stewart took another hit.  A robo call went out from Tito “The Builder” Munoz.  Tito’s message states that Corey Stewart, despite saying he has cut taxes, actually has raised taxes as chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors.

Tito states the organization that paid for the call, but if you can understand what the name of the organization, good luck.   Interestingly enough Tito and his wife Debbie are strong supporters of Jeannemarie Davis, also a candidate for Lt. Governor.  Just yesterday Davis released a statement calling for civility in the campaign for Republican nomination for Lt. Governor.  In her statement Davis states “I have endeavored to run a positive campaign because I want to build my support on my message, When we tear each other apart during the nominating process the result is division within our Republican ranks, affording the Democrats the opportunity to use that division to win the General election.”   Does Davis condone Munoz’s phone call?


6 thoughts on “Corey Stewart’s Week Just Keeps Getting Worse

  1. Larsele, you’re so funny…You need to check the facts before simply believing whatever Corey tells you to believe. Corey is right, that he cut taxes one year. But in his 8 years as Chairman taxes increased 6 times. PWC has the highest tax rate in the entire Commonwealth. On taxes and spending, Corey is much more liberal than Jeanmarie.

    1. Not to mention the additional Fire/Rescue and Gypsy Moth levies that are tacked on to the Real Estate levy, but not included in that rate.

  2. If Corey gets the nod, I’m out. I will work for Ken and I’ll work my hardest for the AG nominee, but Corey’s record of lying about raising taxes and this business with Lingamfelter and Snyder is turning me off so much that I don’t think I could even bring myself to shake his hand or put up a sign for him.

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