WaPo Numbers Reveal Huge Problem for T-Mac

The Washington Post released results of their latest poll of the Virginia gubernatorial race, revealing a commanding 10 point lead for Ken Cuccinelli over the presumptive Democrat nominee, failed eco-swindler Terry McAuliffe.  The survey found Cuccinelli already past the critical 50% mark among likely voters, with a spread of 51%-to-41% over T-Mac.  But the real problem for the former Democrat National Committee chairman is just how little support he has among traditional Democrat voters–the same portion of the electorate that rejected him four years ago.

McAuliffe’s failure to capture support in a state that just a few months ago gave a majority to the Democrat presidential nominee surely reflects growing voter distaste with his failed crony capitalism swindle to create jobs in Mississippi through GreenTech, the electric car company he founded.  The same electric car company that Virginia officials suspected of being little more than a “visa-for-sale scheme” for Chinese investors.

What has to be really troubling for McAuliffe and the Democrats is what the poll data reveal about T-Mac’s inability to connect with the Democrat base.  While Obama won 93% of the black vote in 2012, McAuliffe has support from among only  69% of black Virginians.  This reveals tremendous softness in the Democrats’ most loyal constituency, and comes just as Cuccinelli begins to gain steam among the black community as more and more people learn about Ken’s efforts on behalf of victimized blacks and the disadvantaged.

Perhaps just as troubling is T-Mac’s weakness among younger voters and women, the other two main components of the Obama coalition.  Among younger voters Cuccinelli is hammering the Democrat with 48% to Terry’s 39%.  Women are essentially split, but T-Mac has to know that won’t last long as more Virginia women learn how proud Terry is of being a huge self-absorbed jerk toward his wife.

It’s still a long way to November.  But Democrats have got to be worried that their guy is still a long way from even winning over Democrats, much less the electorate at-large.

By contrast…the same poll shows 95% of Republicans already firmly support Cuccinelli.


4 thoughts on “WaPo Numbers Reveal Huge Problem for T-Mac

  1. Terry McAuliffe is his own worse enemy. He’s got dozens of “quotes” available on the Internet, not to mention details of his various business dealings, so lacking in ethical integrity, he’s been under investigation several times. Virgina has a proud history of outstanding leaders that inspired and were worthy of respect….Terry McAulffe as none of those qualities. He could easily fit in as the governor of FL and possibly NY. He is NOT fit to ever lead Virginia.

  2. I thought the Wapo poll showed a 5 % lead for Cooch? And most important, the Post poll showed that 90% of voters are still asleep so any poll today has little meaning!! Lets get some actual comparative highlights. Cooch has a lot of wacko litigation in his background going after Obamacare and also UVa climate changing research…………He would use his office simply to propel his political career.

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