Terry McAuliffe, so much worse than we ever imagined

With each day, we learn more about Terry McAuliffe, things that should scare the hell out of the citizens of Virginia.  Just when I think it can’t possibly get any worse, it does.

I’d seen the Three Sleaziest McAuliffe Moments.  Definitely worth a look.  Then we learn that McAuliffe is a true believer of a conspiracy theory about Reagan that even the wackiest democrats don’t believe.  That story here.   But today’s findings about McAuliffe are the worst yet.  In this moment of braggadocio, McAuliffe BRAGS about leaving his wife in labor to go to a political fundraiser and goes on to BRAG about leaving his crying wife and infant son in the car while he does to another political event!  Talk about a war on women, he’s waged one against his own wife and child, and BRAGS about it!  Who does that?  And what woman would support a man who does that?






5 thoughts on “Terry McAuliffe, so much worse than we ever imagined

  1. Your wish shall be granted! You’re gagged! Buh-bye again. BTW, everyone knows who I am!

    Does Joe know you do this? How embarrassing for him!

  2. geeze………………arent y ou guys doing a lot of bottom-fishing? You sound like the folks who caught Paul Ryan doing dishes, uninvited at a homeless shelter last year and then condeming him to hell!!!

  3. Well, there are those of us who think Cooch would be bad for Virginia!!! And the list is longer than 3 things………….

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